Praying Mantis – Making Himself Huge With Sushi and Eternals

November 2 2021

We’ve had a lovely visitor at our front door for the past few days. Thomas was going to move him, as we were afraid we might step on the little fella. He wasn’t having it, making himself look huge!

November 5 2021

This afternoon was veggie sushi, followed by a matinee showing of Eternals with Thomas.

I have to share this wasabi powder. It is amazing!! It’s 100% freeze fried wasabia japonica (wasabi). Mix it with water, let sit for 10 minutes, and wow! 💥💥💥 It’s strong! Also this sushi ginger. Incredibly tasty!

The sky was gorgeous when we exited the theater, with both of us agreeing that we liked the movie.

While the Mantis Prays and the Milk Glass Lamp Collapses

August 25 2020

We had a visitor yesterday. He stayed on our balcony, on the outside edge of the door for hours, from late morning until about 9:00pm. “Have patience for the situation, have patience with yourself. Be still, be silent.”

August 27 2020

I was just sitting here minding my own business. And, the lamp did this.