How Rain Came to be Nature’s Glitter by Lillian Darnell

February 2 2018:

She’s writing again! Look what I just received in my inbox … I LOVE this one!! I predict there will be future books for Lillian. xoxo

“How Rain Came to be Nature’s Glitter”

Once long ago, there lived Raine and her friend Storm who lived happily in their home. One day, Raine and Storm saw an advertisement that read, “Mother Nature is looking for weather assistants. Please visit Mother Nature at 8989 Snowy Sun Lane about the job. ”

“Should we visit Mother Nature about the job?”, said Raine to Storm. “Yes, we should. I just hope that Mother Nature is paying a good price”, said Storm.

So, Raine and Storm walked over to Mother Nature’s home. When Raine and Storm got there, here’s the people they saw Hailey, Thunder, Lightning, and Sunny all waiting for Mother Nature to open the door.

Just as Raine and Storm arrived, Mother Nature opened her door and her eyes widened in surprise. “My goodness, I didn’t expect so many people to show up. Well, I guess I better get started,” exclaimed Mother Nature.

Fortunately, Raine and Storm were first to head inside Mother Nature’s home. Mother Nature had white marble pillars arching high over their head, a large winding staircase leading to the meeting room, and a gorgeous chandelier overhead.

As soon as Raine and Storm reached ….

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How Rain Came To Be Nature’s Glitter

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