Throwback Post: I Do Things Differently


August 10 2013:

Lillian just got done asking me why I do things differently than other Moms. Her questions were about how I make coffee … using a French Press and that I hand wash the dishes instead of use the dishwasher.

Thomas then adds, “I like that you are different. You’re not ordinary. You are extraordinary.” These two so bless me and can snap me back out of a funk instantly. They have a knack for sharing my own advice with me when I need it most!

(Team TLC 2013)

**March 2022 Update** Looking back, this post seems kind of arrogant on my part. *Note to self* … Ha! When my French press broke, I switched to pour over coffee (December 2019), and have been using since then. Luckily, I haven’t broken it yet! 

As for the dishes, I switched to hand washing as I was adding mindfulness to my daily tasks. Hand washing dishes is a wonderful mindfulness practice.