Throwback Post: Multicultural Step-Sister With Italian Food and Fun Snow Angels


December 13 2013:

It’s an absolutely wonderful day! There’s good and abundant stuff happening all around us! While I was making dinner last night, Thomas was going to all the neighbor’s yards, making snow angels and leaving snow messages for them! May you see the goodness, kindness, abundance and angels surrounding you today …. and always … xoxo

My beautiful step-sister, Heather, is down from Washington visiting …. Authentic Italian dinner at The Romano Casa …. !!!!


December 13 2011

One Lillian bath down, one observation of a private special education school classroom (including being greeted with an ear piercing scream by a young man having a melt down), one brief meeting to collect a donated iPhone (thanks Natalie Gorden – YOU ROCK!!!), one interview and observation of a family with a son with special needs, two grocery store stops, one pizza pick up, ST, OT and PT for Lillian, one Thomas pick up and a partridge in a pear tree . . . now THAT’s an Adventure! Whew!


December 13 2009: