Stuffed and Roasted Pepper and Big Mess and Puzzle Time

May 6 2018:

Yum …. Stuffed and roasted pepper for dinner. So satisfying …. 😋 xoxo

Stuffed Pepper 5.6.18

May 9 2018:

Went to get Yonce for her walk and saw this! She swears she had nothing to do with creating this mess. Yonce’s human says, “She must want a firmer mattress!”

Yonce 5.9.18 #1 Yonce 5.9.18 #2

May 10 2018:

It was puzzle time with peppermint tea and a chocolate chip cookie alongside a just right sized candle. xoxo

Puzzle Time with Lillian 5.10.18 #1 Puzzle Time with Lillian 5.10.18 #2