Movie Night: The Last Unicorn

May 15 2021

Movie night for me and Lillian – Lillian’s choice: “The Last Unicorn” – We’ve seen this several times, it’s a Lillian favorite.

Lillian says, “It’s good, one of my favorites while growing up, and still is to this day, 100% recommend for family and friends, like the moral of it – never give up hope, favorite character is the unicorn (as the unicorn and as a human).”

Movie Night: The Last Unicorn

September 15 2018:

Team TLC movie night: Lillian’s choice – “The Last Unicorn” – Second time around as we watched this years and years ago. Lillian wanted to watch it again.

Lillian says, “Good, mythical, suspenseful, full of adventure, musical, my favorite character is the unicorn, liked the plot, beautiful colors, 100% recommend, and liked the moral of never give up.”

I say, “Wonderful story of following ones heart.”

Thomas says, “It’s good. Could have been better.”