Movie Night: The Post

July 28 2019

Team Member C Movie Night last night: “The Post”

Got almost everything unpacked. Everything double washed. All luggage disinfected and put outside to air out. I’m all about spreading love, yet, this virus must go! I ain’t messing around!

Then … treated myself to a movie I’ve been wanting to watch. Totally enjoyed the escape. Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks were phenomenal!!

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Movie Night: Sully

June 1 2019:

Team member C movie night: “Sully”

Based on the true story of the commercial airplane which was forced to land in the Hudson in 2009. With all 155 people on board surviving. 🙏💜

I truly enjoyed the acting, was glued to it, and it was interesting to learn more about this event.

Thomas and Lilian sat this one out. 😃⭐️

Movie Night: The Polar Express

December 1 2017:

Team TLC extra movie night: Thomas’ choice – “The Polar Express”

Thomas says: “Extremely good, like watching it every year, never gets old, and I like the music.”

I say, … from the movie, “The bell still rings for all who believe.” And from me, “Perceive the life you want to live, and live the life you perceive.”

Lillian says, “Good, 100% recommended for Christmas, like all the songs, favorite part is when they see the Northern Lights, and my favorite character is the girl who leads.”

The Polar Express Movie 12.1.17