Movie Night: The Post

July 28 2019

Team Member C Movie Night last night: “The Post”

Got almost everything unpacked. Everything double washed. All luggage disinfected and put outside to air out. I’m all about spreading love, yet, this virus must go! I ain’t messing around!

Then … treated myself to a movie I’ve been wanting to watch. Totally enjoyed the escape. Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks were phenomenal!!

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Movie Night: Florence Foster Jenkins

November 11 2017:

Team TLC movie night: My choice – “Florence Foster Jenkins”

I say, “People may say I can’t sing, but they’ll never say I didn’t sing.” -Florence Foster Jenkins …. The song she recorded sold the most they’d ever sold up to that point. The movie definitely felt kind of slow at some points. Yet, interesting being that it was based on true events.

Thomas says, “It could have been better.”

Lillian says, “Good, musical, funny, good plot and story, and awesome.”

Florence Foster Jenkins Movie 11.11.17