Movie Night: Captain America – The First Avenger

June 8 2019:

Team TLC Movie Night – Thomas’ choice: “Captain America – The First Avenger”

Thomas says, “It was good! I liked it!”

I say, “Loved it! And love Tommy Lee Jones!!Thomas and I watched Endgame last month on our date day so I thought we should watch them all! Score brownie points for me as I surprised him! He hasn’t been this excited for movie night in a while!”

Lillian sat this one out. 😃

Movie Night: Castle in the Sky

May 25 2019:

Team TLC movie night – Lillian’s choice: “Castle in the Sky”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the music, and the ending song, my favorite character is Sheeta, like how colorful it is, suspenseful, 100% recommend, and liked the story.”

I say, “I really enjoy Studio Ghibli movies. A beautiful tale full of mystery and adventure that highlights the importance of nature; rooted in a solid foundation of love as the true meaning of life. Loved it! Plus, Mark Hamill voices one of the characters – Muska! Side note: Although I loved it, I’m not a fan of all the violence.  ”💜💜💜

Thomas sat this one out.

Movie Night: Mary Poppins Returns

May 20 2019:

Team TLC Extra Movie Night – “Mary Poppins Returns” – I put this on hold at the library in December or January. It was our turn!

Lillian says, “Good, musical, suspenseful, 100% recommend, and my favorite character is Mary Poppins.”

I say, “It was okay. Perhaps it’s the mood I’m sunk into right now. Meh.”

Thomas sat this one out.

Movie Night: When Marnie Was There

May 4 2019:

Team TLC movie night – Lillian’s choice: “When Marnie Was There” – Second time around for this one as we watched it many years ago. Lillian and I wanted to see it again.

Lillian says, “Good, suspenseful, emotional, liked the music, and my favorite character is Marnie. 100% recommend it!”

I say, “This is my favorite Studio Ghibli movie. Sweet and beautiful story of a young girl coming to know the truth of her life and her true self; releasing the stories she had been telling herself. Just adore this story.”

Thomas sat this one out.

Movie Night: Casablanca

April 27 2019:

Team TLC movie night – Thomas’ choice: “Casablanca” – We’ve seen this once before. Thomas wanted to see it again.

Thomas says, “It was good and I like the ending as usual.”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the music, and I liked Ilsa’s style.

I say, “Always enjoy watching this. So glad Thomas wanted to see it again.”

Movie Night: Harvey

April 26 2019:

Team TLC extra movie night. “Harvey” – A yearly tradition around Easter for the past 5 or 6 years. A little late this year as I forgot to reserve it at the library.

Why a tradition at Easter? Well. One of the main characters is a 6 foot pooka in the form of a rabbit! Ha!

I say, “I adore this movie. Josephine Hull and James Stewart are phenomenal!! My favorite quote from the movie is by Elwood P. Dowd (played by Stewart) … “I always have a wonderful time wherever I am and with whom ever I’m with. My mom used to say to me, ‘In this World you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.’ For years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.”
Another favorite quote by Veta (played by Hull) … “I don’t want my brother to be normal. I don’t like those people.” You’ll have to watch it to get this one.

Thomas says, “It was good, as usual. I like the music. Especially the music for the scenes with Harvey.”

Lillian didn’t want to watch this year so we watched it while she’s at The Romano Duo’s place.

Movie Musings: UP

April 13 2019:

Team TLC movie night: Lillian’s choice – “Up”

Lillian says, “Good, funny, liked the music, emotional in some parts, my favorite part is when Carl and Ellie got married, and my favorite character is Ellie.”

I say, “A wonderful, uplifting adventure of enjoying life, forgetting to enjoy life, and ultimately, remembering what’s truly important.”

Thomas says, “It was good, I liked it, and I liked the music.”

Movie Night: Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens

April 6 2019:

Team TLC Double Feature – Second Feature: Thomas’ choice – “Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens” We’ve watched them all now!

Thomas says, “It was good. I liked it.”

I say, “Oh!!! I liked this one!! All except one little scene. This one kept me engaged!”

Lillian sat this one out.

Movie Night: Small Foot

April 6 2019:

Team TLC Double Feature Movie Night – First Feature: “Small Foot” … Put this on hold months ago. It was our turn!

I say, “Loved the message. Didn’t really enjoy the movie. Just not my style.”

Lillian says, “Good, funny, emotional, and my favorite character is Rochelle.”

Thomas says, “I didn’t like it.”