Book Musings: Beyond Civilization – Humanity’s Next Great Adventure

December 29 2018:

Beyond Civilization – Humanity’s Next Great Adventure

The foundation of this book is that there is no one right way to live. The author discusses how the majority of us are convinced that there must be only one right way to live, and we are living it.

I was deeply moved reading about how he defines civilization and tribes and taking a look into history at past civilizations and tribes. I’m inspired to learn about and see ideas from a different perspective. Great book!

Book Musings: Writing as a Path to Awakening

September 8 2018:

Writing as a Path to Awakening

I deeply enjoyed this book. I’ll check it out again at some point to re-visit and inspire.

“To tap into your deepest talent, you need to seek out a calm, restful state of mind where your head isn’t defending your delicate ego and your heart can bloom open a little.” -Mary Karr

“Allow failure to be your handmaiden. Love is showing up fully with presence – open-hearted, raw, and vulnerable to the world; it’s the only thing that matters. All writing and creativity originate here and now.” – Albert Flynn DeSilver

Emailing Authors of Books


October 30 2013:

Sometime last week Lillian asked me if she could email the authors of books she’s reading. I told her “Sure”. Well, she did just that and heard back from two of them. I didn’t know until I saw the reply emails … (I monitor her incoming email).

I emailed each of them back to thank them for replying and now she has an autographed copy of one of the books on the way to her. I’ll share who it is and which book when we get it .. and, you bet, with an awesome picture too! These two beautiful souls, aka: Thomas & Lillian, continually surprise me!! xoxo