I Have Not Failed

December 15 2018:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” -Thomas Edison …. from the book, “Biggest Little Photographer” by Thomas Darnell

Go here to purchase the book, “Biggest Little Photographer” … Thank you! xoxo

Taking a Picture of Taking a Picture of Taking a Picture


April 24 2014

Snuck a couple of pictures yesterday of Thomas taking a picture of Lego photographer taking a picture …. I so loved this walk with him yesterday … ♡

Thomas Taking Photo of Lego Photographer Taking Photo 4.24.14 #1 Thomas Taking Photo of Lego Photographer Taking Photo 4.24.14 #2

**Update** The book has been published! Titled, Biggest Little Photographer, you can order here

Biggest Little Photographer on KOLO 8 News

April 10 2017:

Thomas’ segment on KOLO 8 this past Friday, 4.7, talking about Biggest Little Photographer. It’s about 2 minutes. xoxo

“Thomas is so cool! If you didn’t get a chance to see his interview Friday, please watch it here. This 11 year old is published!!!” – Sarah Johns, KOLO 8

Biggest Little Photographer to Capitol and Ranch San Rafael Park Visitor’s Center

February 19 2017:

Almost forgot to let you know! Biggest Little Photographer will have a permanent spot at the Capitol building gift shop. We received an email Friday from the manager and they are going to give him a chance! YAY!

Also, the Biggest Little Photographer exhibit is being installed this coming week at Rancho San Rafael Park Visitor’s Center. It will be there through mid April 2017. You go Little Photographer! xoxo


February 24 2017:

Biggest Little Photographer is being delivered on Tuesday to the Legislative Gift Shop! Will have to see if they will take a picture for us. If not, we may take a field trip to Carson. YAY!

Nevada Legislative Gift Shop Purchase Order Biggest Little 2.24.17

New Discovery for Thomas

September 15 2016:

A couple of weeks ago I discovered there is a “Brick Store” here in Reno. Thomas was with me today and we went inside to check it out.

A great, locally owned place and the manager there is so awesome!!
Thomas said he couldn’t even describe the feelings he had in that store. It felt good. Good energy, good vibes!!

PLUS, I think you’ll be seeing Thomas’ upcoming book, Biggest Little Photographer, in that little ole store! Wahoo!! Bet they’d love for Thomas to have a book signing there! Stay tuned! xoxoxo