Exciting Christmas Gift for Thomas

December 15 2019:

Thank you to my dad for this gift for Thomas. He’s incredibly excited! 🧡🧡🧡

December 19 2019:

Fun night with Thomas! We walked to the theater, took about 10 minutes. Christmas gift to Thomas from my dad … Two tickets for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 🖤🖤🖤

Movie Night: The Sound of Music

December 10 2019:

Team TLC extra movie night – “The Sound of Music” – Lillian likes to watch this every December.

Lillian says, “Good, my favorite character is Maria, musical, my favorite part is either the wedding or the opening scene of “The Hills are Alive with Music”, good to watch any time of the year, and I recommend 100%.”

I say, “Lovely movie about a deeply sad time in history. I’m with Lillian on that opening scene. Wonderful.”

Thomas says, “I like it.”

Movie Night: Miracle on 34th Street

December 9 2019:

Team TLC extra movie night – “Miracle on 34th Street” – A tradition to watch every December.

Thomas says, “I liked it. It was good.”

Lillian says, “Good, favorite character is Suzy, and great Christmas/Thanksgiving Movie.”

I say, “Wonderful, warm story about believing and having faith. Love watching this every year with Thomas and Lillian.”

Movie Night: The Secret of Kells

December 7 2019:

Team TLC movie night – Lillian’s choice: “The Secret of Kells”

Lillian says, “Good, suspenseful, liked the music, and my favorite character is Ashley, the fairy.

I say, “Loved this movie. Magic, fantasy, and Celtic mythology unite with the power of imagination and artistic vision to illuminate darkness. Wonderful!”

Thomas says, “It was good.”

Movie Night: Green Book

November 23 2019:

Team TLC Movie Night – First one in the temporary place. My choice: “Green Book”

I say, “Loved the friendship these two created together, their journey to awakening, to understanding. Loved every minute. Seeing this, it’s easier to understand the tensions I felt growing up in the Deep South in the 70’s. Why are people so cruel? Never understood it as a child and still don’t.”

Thomas says, “Yeah, I liked it.”

Lillian sat this one out.