Movie Night: All The President’s Men

February 2 2019:

Team TLC Movie Night – Thomas’ choice: “All The President’s Men”

Thomas says, “It was good.”

I say, “I had never seen this. Enjoyed watching and it held my attention. Loved seeing all the typewriters in the newsroom and rotary dial phones!!”

Lillian sat this one out.

Movie Night: The Last Word

December 29 2018:

Team Member C movie night: “The Last Word”

I adore Shirley MacLaine. Inspiring movie about embracing fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, and fear itself … from my point of view. Quote from the movie, “Don’t have a nice day. Have a day that matters. Have a day that’s direct. Have a day that’s honest.” -Harriet

Movie Night: Holiday Inn

December 23 2018:

Team TLC movie night: Thomas’ choice – “Holiday Inn” – Another seasonal favorite.

Thomas says, “I like it, it was good, and I like the music.”

Lillian says, “Musical, my favorite characters are the two ladies, good for Christmas and any other holiday like 4th of July.”

I say, “Enjoy watching this with Thomas and Lillian.”

Movie Night: Leonie

December 22 2018:

Team Member C movie night. Lillian is spending the weekend with The Romano Duo and Thomas is doing his own thang.

“Leonie” – Wonderfully inspiring and true story of Isamu Noguchi’s Mother, Leonie Gilmour.

Quotes from the movie –

“I studied so that I might express the joy and pain and profundity of being human. That’s what poetry does. Does it not? That’s what I wish to learn. No school can teach it – how to take what is at the deepest level of the soul and put it on a piece of paper..” – Leonie Gilmour in interviewing to be editor for Yone Noguchi’s novel, “An American Diary of a Japanese Girl”

“You’re art will be your weapon, you’re art will be your voice. There are no boundaries for an artist. No borders. Through art, you can speak all languages and lead a magnificent life anywhere.” -Spoken by Leonie to her son, Isamu.

“I wonder sometimes. Why was I so greedy in my youth. I now find beauty in simple existence. In abandoning all worldly desires. Just like a tree. Or a stone.” -Leonie Gilmour

Movie Night: Pirate Fairy

May 11 2018:

Extra movie night: “Pirate Fairy” …. Just cause we knew Thomas would not be interested in this one. xoxo

I say, “They had me at Pixie Dust Alchemy. Love me some crazy good alchemy!!”

Lillian says, “Good, musical, favorite fairies are Rosetta, Tink, and Silver Mist, definitely recommended that you watch, and lots of references to other movies.”

The Pirate Fairy Movie 5.11.18

Movie Night: The King and I

May 5 2018:

Team TLC movie night: My choice – “The King and I” …. 1956 version

I say, “Incredibly interesting. Loved the play put on for the English ambassador.”

Thomas is visiting The Romano Duo in Surprise, Arizona.

Lillian says, “Good, liked that it is a musical, my favorite part is the dancing, and my favorite character is Anna.”

The King and I Movie 5.5.18

Movie Night: The Bells of St. Mary’s

March 24 2018:

Team TLC Movie Night: Thomas’ choice – “The Bells of St. Mary’s” … We watched this about 4 years ago and Thomas wanted to watch it again.

Thomas says, “It was okay. It could have been better.”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the music, awesome, and my favorite character is Sister Benedict (Ingrid Bergman).”

I say, “A wonderful feel good movie.”

The Bells of St. Mary's Movie 3.24.18

Movie Night: How Green Was My Valley

March 17 2018:

Team TLC movie night – My choice: “ How Green Was My Valley”

I say, “Although it did capture the issues of its time, this movie was incredibly heartbreaking.”

Thomas says, “I liked it, but it could have been better. I didn’t understand the story and nothing actually happened except for people dying.”

Lillian says, “Good, emotional, and liked some of the music.”

How Green Was My Valley Movie 3.17.18