Shiny New Windshield with Lovely Plants

June 4 2020

Look at that shiny new windshield and wipers!!!! I am so excited! Lovely, kind, mobile service by glassify. Thank you Olivia!!

My review on Yelp …

Olivia and her team are amazing! I have a high deductible, paying out of pocket for a new windshield, so price is extremely important to me. I didn’t want to use who I’ve used in the past as they don’t offer mobile service, and frankly, just aren’t very welcoming. For just a tad bit more, I was able to have Glassify come to me. Olivia was professional, fast at responding to my emails, and very kind. I felt like I mattered. It was a pleasant experience all the way around. Glassify has a new customer, should I ever need my car windows addressed again.

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June 5 2020

I don’t know if I’ve ever liked a plant so much. I’m excited to be adding plants to our family! This is the first one.

June 6 2020

Here’s the second plant we’ve added to the family.

Throwback Post: Picnic and Strawberry Dessert


May 31 2012:

Picnic in the park adventures!!! Reward for Team Member T having another good day!!

Picnic May 31 2012

Lillian was sad so Thomas made her a special dessert to cheer her up …. Dried apricots and fresh strawberries topped with honey sesame cashews! Looks pretty good!!!

Strawberry Dessert May 2012

Lovely Walk of Inspiring Messages and Magical Moon Clouds

June 3 2020

I purposely did not post these yesterday. First time back here in nearly three months for an inspiring walk. I adore what this neighborhood has done, with lovely messages to brighten nearly every step of ones walk.

This walk inspired a couple of writings. Once they are written I must grow the courage to share them, as they are inspired by current events.

I’ve yet to sit and write them as I’ve been ungrounded the past few days. Yesterday was the cherry on top of being reminded that I needed to ground. My sun dress got caught on one of Thomas’s tree limbs in the garage, ripping it. The patio umbrella took flight with a forceful gust of wind, landing on top of the building behind us, where it still sits, lodged in the gutter. Then, once again, the bottom of my dress caught in something underneath the car as I was getting inside. At that point, I laughed harder than I’ve laughed in a while. Okay. Yes, I get it. Come back down to earth. Yes, yes.

June 4 2020

Great clouds yesterday afternoon, early evening.

June 4 2020

Wonderful walk this morning. Magical clouds again today.

June 6 2020

Such a magical moon last night.

Openly Sharing Personal Experiences – Camilla on Mai’s Musings Book Blog

May 2 2020

Why do I openly share personal issues and what happened in the beginning of 2020 for me? Thanks to the lovely Mai for having me on her book blog, Mai’s Musings.

” ….. Thank you Mai, for having me as a guest on your lovely blog. I deeply appreciate your time and effort.

My latest book, Words of Alchemy, is a culmination of a six year journey. A journey of turning into my writing, of a solid walking practice, a journey of going within, a journey of travelling to the past, a journey of living, and of healing.

Six years ago I wrote my first free-verse poem. This continued through to the publication of Words of Alchemy. I’m currently taking a break from writing, a break from the intensity of the past thirteen years. I reached the tipping point of my healing journey in the beginning of 2020. On the other side of it now, I can look back and see that it was one hell of a ride. Thirteen years of going within, excavating, confronting, feeling, feeling, feeling, and getting to know myself.

I share this to convey how much writing was a vital component of ….. ” Follow the link to read the full interview …

Words of Alchemy – Camilla Downs

Throwback Post: Feel and THEN Release


May 31 2012:

“Release Worry … Release Fear … Release Guilt…..
Welcome Happiness and Peace” -Camilla Downs

Team TLC went for a walk yesterday as the sun was setting and I was reminded of this. Thomas and Lillian helped me remember how nature infuses us with what we need if we just stop and get out there. Thomas didn’t want to come home … said he was having so much fun. This young man was appreciating our walk, just a walk outside, so very much …. Served as a nice little reminder to me!

Release Worry Photo and Quote May 2012

**June 14 2020 Update – Adding a note to represent how I feel about releasing feelings and emotions in 2020 as opposed to 2012, eight years later. I believe we must feel the feelings and emotions first, physically feel them, before there’s any chance of releasing them. I know where I was coming from in this post. I had just begun the journey to getting to know myself, and paying attention to my thoughts. I feel this was a natural step in the progression of where I am today. xoxo

Stormy Clouds of Beautiful Art With Good Feelings of Childhood Memories

May 25 2020

Gorgeous sunset last night. Nature makes beautiful art.

May 27 2020

Wonderful clouds yesterday, with a beautiful sunset. I adore the smell of honeysuckle. It brings such good feelings of childhood, of walks with Thomas, sharing with him about honeysuckle and my childhood. The smell is intoxicating.

May 27 2020

I enjoyed a bit of patio time this morning. Looked up and thought this looked pretty cool.

May 28 2020

Lovely walk today. Haven’t been here in a while. Felt so good.

May 30 2020

Storm clouds yesterday, ending with the clouded sunset. Gorgeous!!

Grind Those Coffee Beans With Whole Chamomile Flowers

May 28 2020

Is it wrong to look forward to “playing” with this every morning? If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right! Ha!

Have to share how much I’m enjoying this recent purchase. About a month ago, when buying coffee beans, I forgot to grind them using the store grinder.

I researched for the best, compact, affordable, manual coffee bean grinder. This is the result. Thomas keeps asking if he can grind my beans. Yes, but, but, then I don’t get to do it. HA!

May 28 2020

I never much cared for chamomile tea. I always thought it weak, with barely any flavor. Until I purchased these organic whole chamomile flowers recently. Oh my goodness. It is quite good! Deep, rich, smooth, and perfect.