Warm Electrifying Beauty Makes Me Feel Like Dancing

April 27 2020

Afternoon walk for me, bike ride for Thomas. Getting too warm for afternoon walks. Time to switch to morning or early evening.

April 29 2020

New to me walk this afternoon – Scripts Wildlife Preserve –

The beauty is electrifying. I keep wanting to use the word, giddy. So, there you go. I’ve now used it. Every time I get home from one of these walks, I feel like dancing. I put on music and dance while making dinner.

Thomas – Vaulting Lessons Spring 2014


May 9 2014

Thomas is the grateful recipient of a scholarship for attending vaulting lessons this spring at this amazing facility in Washoe Valley. Thank you Barbara for your beautiful spirit! And, thank you to the amazing Amanda for instructing the vaulters!

OH! And … Thank you to the graceful Meg for her gentle and kind spirit with the kids!! You are an amazing and wonderful horse!!

You Can Share Absolutely Anything

February 23 2019:

Friends who you can share absolutely anything with ….. Parting company still feeling and knowing their love and support.

This I treasure with you, Barbara Richmond Chastain, and Bill. I enjoyed our afternoon tea and sharing yesterday afternoon. A true gift paired with this amazing and magical view.

PS … A poem inspired by Bill’s words came forth in my morning pages. Will share when polished.