Gorgeous Scripts Wildlife Preserve With Random Soft Spots in Galena Forest

January 22 2022

Gorgeous sunrise this morning.

January 25 2022

Thomas and I went for an incredible walk in Script’s Wildlife Preserve this afternoon. It’s always beautiful! It was wonderful running into you, Barbara! And chatting for a bit with you and Bill.

January 31 2022

Thomas and I went for walk in Galena Forest. That was a workout. Hard, compacted snow with random soft, sinking spots, and slippery spots. Felt great, though. Came across a lovely, nearly flat snowman. 😂☃️😂 Got to try out my new snow boots. Vegan, barefoot/minimalist style. Love them! Wonderful walk.

Thomas and Camilla March 2021 Date Day

March 12 2021

Thomas and Camilla March 2021 Date Day

Part 1: Take-out lunch from Bangkok Cuisine. Mixed Vegetable Pud Thai for me. Bangkok Sizzling Platter for Thomas, with a vegan fresh roll for each of us.

Part 2: A walk at Scripts Wildlife Preserve, and then visiting with Melinda before the walk, Barb after the walk, and all the animals on the way out. 💚💙💚 Thomas found a geocache, too! Good times!

Melinda’s not kidding with her sign. All humans and animals are welcome. There’s even a piggy door for the pig and goats next door to visit Melinda and Laird’s gang of animals. 😂🤣😂

Warm Electrifying Beauty Makes Me Feel Like Dancing

April 27 2020

Afternoon walk for me, bike ride for Thomas. Getting too warm for afternoon walks. Time to switch to morning or early evening.

April 29 2020

New to me walk this afternoon – Scripts Wildlife Preserve –

The beauty is electrifying. I keep wanting to use the word, giddy. So, there you go. I’ve now used it. Every time I get home from one of these walks, I feel like dancing. I put on music and dance while making dinner.