How to Release Judgment of Others

January 14 2017:

Top 10 Countdown Continues! The Number NINE 2016 blog post with the most views (Three blog posts tied for this space. Here’s the third.): “There is More Than One Way” ……. xoxoxoxoxo ……

WOW!! So glad I just read this one again! A lesson on how to peacefully live from the heart!! xoxo

There is More Than One Way

from the article …. “Thinking there is only one way is what leads us to judge one another and therefore further separate from one another. There is no need for me to understand why my neighbor chooses a different way. Once I release judgment, the feeling of needing to understand and judge others will release on its own … “

Mine is Not a Better Way

October 9 2016:


One of the articles that’s been on hold while finishing Thomas’ book … xoxo

Mine is not a better way, it is merely another way. It is my belief that there is not only one way and no one way is better than the other. I feel when we come to embrace that there are many ways, we will also become empowered by the knowing that, although many travel different paths; we are united in our goal. [ 471 more words ]

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