Building a Computer – Assistant to Thomas Darnell

May 18 2021

For the past 5 months I’ve been buying parts from a list that Thomas created, 2-3 every month. Finally bought the remaining components last week, with the monitor arriving yesterday.

For the past day and a half I’ve been “Assistant to Thomas Darnell” as he built it. It is all finished now! Didn’t have “helping build a computer” on my 2021 Bingo card. 🤣😂 “It’s like a LEGO set with tiny, delicate parts.” – he says as he’s putting it together …

I’m so happy for Thomas. His computer has barely been limping along for the past 6 months.

June 26 2021 Update – Everything is working perfectly. Thomas did decided to return the monitor for another brand as this one had issues trailing white light, or something like that.