First Quilt Piece Collected

April 30 2018:

Camilla Jumping Washoe Lake April 2016

I did it! I just “collected” the first quilt piece for the story. I’ve been resisting doing this … sitting down to write and just randomly picking a memory to write about. It was uncomfortable, but once I got going I didn’t want to stop.

This was a memory from 16 year old Camilla and a time she lived in Terry, Mississippi in what she called the Crazy House! Who remembers that crazy lopsided mess of a house?

The idea is just to get memories and events down on paper and at some point start piecing them together. I won’t bore everyone with a post every time I do this; yet, I was excited for FINALLY starting!!

And … I just remembered something. I had made it my intention and vow to begin writing by the end of this month. HA!! Did it! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a previous post from a few days ago …

Collecting Quilt Pieces – A Memoir

April 29 2018:

I’m collecting quilt pieces!! However, I haven’t suddenly learned how to quilt! These are for a story. My story – A memoir.

This will take a year or longer and may be more than one book depending on how I go about this. And this is why I’m collecting these quilt pieces … To help craft a pattern.

For anyone who has known me from birth through childhood, teenage years through now ….

If I’ve ever written to you (on paper or digital), would you mind sharing that with me.

If I shared a story with you, would you mind re-sharing with me?

Any times we shared together that stand out for you?

Did we interact with one another during a major shift or life event I was experiencing? Does something stand out for you? (Or was I there for you in some way during a major shift or life event?)

And anything else you feel moved to share … You can post here, message me or email me (first and last name at gmail). Thanks so much everyone for your contribution to the finished quilt!! xoxo

Quilt 4.29.18