The Alchemy of Writing by Camilla Downs

July 14 2018:

Why do you write? And what happens when you write? xoxo

The Alchemy of Writing

“I learn by going where I have to go.” -Theodore Roethke


I Know that I am supposed to share that which I experience, that which I live. I know that I am supposed to share it by way of writing, so I do. I release it to fly free …

I feel it is my purpose to openly share my own life experiences with others. I freely explain and share lessons I’ve learned and practices I use that work for me and my family. If needed, I listen with love and compassion and intuitively share thoughts and ….

The Alchemy of Writing

First Quilt Piece Collected

April 30 2018:

Camilla Jumping Washoe Lake April 2016

I did it! I just “collected” the first quilt piece for the story. I’ve been resisting doing this … sitting down to write and just randomly picking a memory to write about. It was uncomfortable, but once I got going I didn’t want to stop.

This was a memory from 16 year old Camilla and a time she lived in Terry, Mississippi in what she called the Crazy House! Who remembers that crazy lopsided mess of a house?

The idea is just to get memories and events down on paper and at some point start piecing them together. I won’t bore everyone with a post every time I do this; yet, I was excited for FINALLY starting!!

And … I just remembered something. I had made it my intention and vow to begin writing by the end of this month. HA!! Did it! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a previous post from a few days ago …