Curried Potatoes and Dark Chocolate and a Frog

January 29 2019:

Lunch today …. YUM!!! Curried potatoes topped with Daiya cheese, grape tomatoes, English cucumber, and white radish. Drizzled with creamy vegan ranch. Wrapped inside a soft and fluffy flat bread. Ahhhhh … 😋💫💫💫😋

January 31 2019:

We had a great night having dinner with The Romano Duo tonight! Other than a few silly pictures of Thomas and Lillian, this is the only picture I took. What’d ya think is the story for this glowing, luscious, red lipped, Pine green beauty? 🐸❤️💚🤣😂

She’s been with mom and Frank for a good long time. Thomas stepped outside and came back in with her and I thought it was the funniest thing ever!

She’s holding painted rocks we made for them when they moved in 2015. The Arizona heat sort of melted the paint! HA! Which is why she got a new paint job!! Thomas even took a photo of her that’s included in his Biggest Little Photographer book!

February 3 2019:

Oh my gosh! So yum! Dark chocolate sunflower seed butter cups. Wish Trader Joe’s had these year round. Or, maybe it’s a good thing they don’t! 🌻😋😂🤣😋🌻

First Dinner with The Romano Duo and Dark Chocolate

October 23 2018:

First dinner with The Romano Duo in their new place in Dayton. What a treat!!! They made me my own pot of vegetarian pasta sauce!

For fun, we drove through Virginia City on the way here. We’ll leave earlier next time so we can stop for pictures.

Next time we’re gonna have the ingredients so I can have a virgin Bloody Mary!!! It’ll be just like old times, but different! We all had a great time!!! 🎉🎉🎉

October 27 2018:

I walked in Trader Joe’s to get a few items and walked out with Dark chocolate heaven. Wow!! 🖤🍫🖤