Goodbye Dreamcatcher Friend

April 28 2019:

The only earrings I’ve worn for the past 6 or 7 years. Seriously, no others have been worn during that time.

They’ve always been deeply special for me and they’ve always held a beautiful energy. Mom and Frank got them for me in New Mexico about 7 years ago.

I lost one this past Tuesday. I had put them in my bag and one must have been caught on my keys when I pulled them out.

Change, shifting, something is definitely occurring. There’s this loss of a special earring and what I’m letting go of on Wednesday, the 4th.

I will miss you dear earring and sad you are with me no longer. Yet, I’m feeling an interesting and tingly excitement for what’s to come.

The sole earring that remains will become a part of my alter. And on occasion, I may just wear one earring. What the heck! 💙💙💙

The Gift of Dream Catcher Earrings


Summer 2013

The Romano Duo are back from Mississippi!! They brought Aunt Connie Wilson and Uncle Steve with them, Rocks for Team Member T & L and these GREAT dream catcher earrings for ME …. So pretty!! I’m not a jewelry kinda gal but I love the energy and color of these!

Camilla Dreamcatcher Earrings 5.11.13

**Update January 2017 … These are the only earrings I wear! Love them!! xoxo