Movie Night: The Bells of St. Mary’s

March 24 2018:

Team TLC Movie Night: Thomas’ choice – “The Bells of St. Mary’s” … We watched this about 4 years ago and Thomas wanted to watch it again.

Thomas says, “It was okay. It could have been better.”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the music, awesome, and my favorite character is Sister Benedict (Ingrid Bergman).”

I say, “A wonderful feel good movie.”

The Bells of St. Mary's Movie 3.24.18

Movie Night: Sea People

Team TLC movie night: Lillian’s choice: “Sea People” (Second time around – Watched it several or more years ago)

Lillian says, “Good, emotional, good soundtrack, my favorite part is the end when she reads aloud, and my favorite characters are Amanda and Bridget.”

I say, “Feel-good heartwarming story of friendship and living and dying in a way that’s true to your heart.”

Thomas says, “I really like the soundtrack and that is probably my favorite part of it.”

Sea People Movie 12.16.17