Black Cats Cross the Street by Lillian Darnell

Another of the poems included in the book, “Where Would You Fly” … Pre-order your book here … …. Our goal is to reach 50 books pre-ordered. We’re at 14 now. Book will arrive late November 2017 or some time in December 2017. Pre-orders receive a special gift for helping us get this book created! Thank you! xoxo

Black cats cross the street
Black bats fly across the street
White ghost scare the people
Striped candy corn gets eaten
People wear famous costumes
Happy jack-o-lanterns watch as they smile.

Happy Halloween


Lillian Darnell
Fairy Princess

Halloween 2017 10.31.17 #3 Where Would You Fly Updated Cover 9.2017

Halloween is Spooky by Lillian Darnell


October 11 2013:

Still email purging here! Down to about 2800 unread emails! Pretty good since I started at about 5000 a few weeks ago! Found this fun Halloween poem Lillian emailed me last Halloween! Just y’all never mind that last word in her poem …

“Halloween is spooky
Clean bis kooky.
Christmas is kind.
Mist tis bind.
Valentine’s Day is love
Tine’s Bay biz dove.
Fourth of July is about fireworks
North shove my his out dire clerk.
Birthday is how old you get
Dearth grey sis bow bold to tit.” -Lillian Darnell

(This one is included in the book too! – Arriving near the end of November 2017!)