A Most Important Lesson

November 29 2017:

Thanks Michelle Colón-Johnson for the inclusion in this article when it originally appeared in Huffington Post. It was just recently published by The Good Men Project.

“The most important lesson perhaps was the one shared by Camilla Downs who shared, No matter the circumstances, love is always the answer… and love starts with making the choice to love yourself.”

Sending big, warm hugs to you Michelle! xoxo

7 Relationship Lessons Learned Through Marriage . . . and Divorce

Love is Always the Solution


November 4 2014:

Had kind of an off day and so did Thomas. As I was unpacking my lunch bag, there on the bottom, was a perfect beautiful heart. In that moment my heart was filled with anything but love.

I have no idea what it was … some type of clear liquid but nothing I took out was wet. Perfect thing to find at the perfect moment!

Then, after dinner Thomas and Lillian made me a custom crossword puzzle titled, “what you do for us”; composed of great clues and answers like: love, hugs, laundry, dishes, food, clean clothes, tucking in and TLC …

Love is always the solution … xoxo