Walk With Me Journey to the Center of My Soul by Camilla Downs

October 13 2018:

Recently, during a 40 minute meditation session, it felt like 5 minutes. I am always in awe when that happens. I find it incredibly magical … xoxo

Afterwards I wrote this; which will be the opening for my next book. Sharing this sneak peak with all of you … It’s still in rough draft status; yet, I was moved to share. Perhaps someone needs to see a word or two from this …

Walk with Me
Journey to the Center of My Soul

I had a choice to make.

I could choose not to even go near or open the door that would lead to the awakening of my true self. I could continue living life as I had been, seemingly happy and seemingly enjoying life.

Or I could choose to open that golden, larger than life door. The magical door that would lead the way to truly living life. A life of feeling all there is to feel – every single bit of it. A life of strapping into the gigantic see-saw of this path and riding my way through pain, despair, sadness, unhappiness, joy, peace, love, and bliss.

Walk With Me – Journey to the Center of My Soul


Book Musings: whatever arises, LOVE that

September 23 2018:

whatever arises, LOVE that – A Love Revolution That Begins with You by Matt Kahn

About once a year a book comes along for me that is an absolute game changer. This book is one of those.

No one suggested this book, I didn’t hear about it or see someone mention it online. I was at the library for our weekly volunteer work of pulling holds and shelving returns. I was shelving a return book when the word “LOVE” on the spine of this book caught my attention.

I pulled it from the shelf. Opened it to a “random” page and what I read was so meaningful I checked out the book.

Nearly all spiritual books I read contain the same message presented in different formats and from different perspectives. Which I LOVE. As sometimes it doesn’t resonate when presented at a particular time or in a particular way.

This is not one of those books (for me). It is a deeply energetically powerful book. It took me to the next level by guiding me in integrating what I have been experiencing and the path I have traveled the past three years.

In my own words, “Love the hurt, love the pain, love the unknown, love all of it until it is released, transmuted and the heart opens even further.”

Over the past 17 or so years I have been a heavy and frequent user of the phrase and similar phrases like, “Love is the Answer” and “All You Need is Love.” For me, this practice of loving whatever arises gives a new and different meaning to this. It’s the next level. It’s the game changer. I’m in.

“Love is the impulse to embrace the innocence of life that brings spiritual harmony to the forefront of your experiences. Whenever love is poured into your heart or sent out as blessings to others, the light within all things awakens.” – Matt Kahn


You are Amazing and I Believe in You by Camilla Downs

September 18 2018:

I’m currently “house cleaning” on my blog. I have drafts dating back to 2012 that got lost in the rush and hustle, in the ups and downs of this spiritual journey I have chosen to travel, down into the depths of my own darkness, up to the peaks of the light and love within us all.

Most of the drafts I come across, I’m deleting as, so far, they’ve just been one sentence or phrase and no longer speak to me. This one called to be posted and expanded upon ……

You are Amazing and I Believe in You

A Most Important Lesson

November 29 2017:

Thanks Michelle Colón-Johnson for the inclusion in this article when it originally appeared in Huffington Post. It was just recently published by The Good Men Project.

“The most important lesson perhaps was the one shared by Camilla Downs who shared, No matter the circumstances, love is always the answer… and love starts with making the choice to love yourself.”

Sending big, warm hugs to you Michelle! xoxo

7 Relationship Lessons Learned Through Marriage . . . and Divorce

Love is Always the Solution


November 4 2014:

Had kind of an off day and so did Thomas. As I was unpacking my lunch bag, there on the bottom, was a perfect beautiful heart. In that moment my heart was filled with anything but love.

I have no idea what it was … some type of clear liquid but nothing I took out was wet. Perfect thing to find at the perfect moment!

Then, after dinner Thomas and Lillian made me a custom crossword puzzle titled, “what you do for us”; composed of great clues and answers like: love, hugs, laundry, dishes, food, clean clothes, tucking in and TLC …

Love is always the solution … xoxo

Reminders of Love on the Side of the Road


October 13 2015:

And reminders of love can be found on the side of the road at a freeway entrance. This one has a blog post coming soon. One day a few months ago I pulled over, got out of the car, closed my eyes, and asked to see a situation differently. Opened my eyes to this …. Love was (and is) the answer. xoxo

Red Jewel Heart Side of Road 2015

Responding with Love by Camilla Downs


September 15 2015:

Grateful to have had the opportunity to share a “respond with love and love is the answer” philosophy in a Huffington Post article. It served as a great reminder for me at the perfect moment. It seems that almost always the messages I share come about with perfect timing for me. My quote is the very last one – #6.



On This Day Throughout the Years – February Fourteenth

February 14 2016:

Art from the Heart – Thomas and Lillian joined me yesterday. Having such a good time painting and just playing around with brushes and mixing colors.

I had been waiting until I had the right materials and the money to pay for a class. No more. This is FUN! Using the brushes we have, acrylic paint we have, and using thick recycled cardboard from food packages, boxes and rocks for the canvas. Just love, love, love.

Art from the Heart 2.14.16 #1 Art from the Heart 2.14.16 #2 Art from the Heart 2.14.16 #3 Art from the Heart 2.14.16 #4 Art from the Heart 2.14.16 #5


Yum! Fresh coconut and raw honey. Plus, we had it dipped in melted dark chocolate last night during our movie! Yum, yum, yum!!!

Coconut and Honey 2.14.16


I just finished reading Camilla’s book, “D Iz For Different”.  What a truly inspiring story! I loved every bit of it. The quote below seems to capture the essence of the journey from A-Z through the various chapters: each one of us is a “treasury” of many gifts. It is easy to forget this when our lives don’t seem to match the ever-elusive standard.

Yet, in each chapter, Camilla gives a reason and discusses a strategy for treasuring life in whatever form it might present itself in the moment, sharing her own experiences, particularly as a mother. This ranges from allowing ourselves to feel what we feel, to be present in the moment, and to not postpone happiness.

Life is not always easy, but brings many opportunities for laughter, light-heartedness, and celebration if we recognize that we have a choice in how we see and experience each moment, and the people we share it with. An absolutely beautiful book!!! -Michaela, Reno, Nevada


February 14 2015:

Love shines brightly. It is always there, no matter if it can be felt or seen. It’s what we all are at our core. Happy day of LOVE! Picture from Autumn 2014 in Sparks, NV … “Love wishes to be known, completely understood and shared.

It has no secrets; nothing that it would keep apart and hide. It walks in sunlight, open-eyed and calm, in smiling welcome and in sincerity so simple and so obvious it cannot be misunderstood.” -from “Lessons in Love”

Sun in Clouds Sparks 2.14.15


The actual day is not til the 26th but The Romano Duo will be out of town. So we had an early birthday celebration. YAY and YUM!!

Camilla's Birthday Celebration 2.14.15 #1 Camilla's Birthday Celebration 2.14.15 #2 Camilla's Birthday Celebration 2.14.15 #3 Camilla's Birthday Celebration 2.14.15 #4 Camilla's Birthday Celebration 2.14.15 #5 Camilla's Birthday Celebration 2.14.15 #6


Team TLC movie night … Our 1st choice, Stuart Little 3, was too damaged. In about 20 minutes it had skipped over 50 minutes of the movie. So … since it feels like Spring …..

Swings Into Spring Movie 2.14.15


February 14 2014:

Here’s to Love and spreadin the Love … ALWAYS …. Cheers from Team TLC …. Apple juice/water for Thomas and Lillian and Ruby Red Chai tea for Mamma!! YUM!

Team TLC Toast 2.14.13


Okay, Okay. Got it! I’ve made the decision, now I’m gonna make it the right decision. Finally got to see the inside of the place we were going to move into tomorrow. Something just didn’t feel right. I spent all day yesterday trying to make the uneasy feeling go away.

Woke up this morning and decided that the feeling is there for a reason, so we will not be moving just yet. Thanks to an amazing and awesome friend I reached out to in my spiral of confusion yesterday, I’m moving forward with letting “stuff” go that does not serve me and is NOT the real me!! Thank you tons and tons B!

Now, Thomas is taking Lillian and I out to lunch with a gift he received from another amazing friend! Thank you Catherine Via Burzio!!! He’s taking us out for burger and fries at Inn n Out Burger! Happy LOVE day y’all! Show love every day, not just on this “designated” day … xoxo


Thank you Thomas for treating Lillian and I to a burger and fries!! And thank you to my friend Catherine for giving him the means to do this! So awesome that you included a special card just for him in the Team TLC care package! Love is in the air …… Every day!

Team TLC Valentine's Lunch 2.14.14 #1 Team TLC Valentine's Lunch 2.14.14 #2


Way cool LEGO BBQ grill Thomas made. Check out the awesome light brick creating a very realistic look!

LEGO GRill 2.14.14

WOW! A sky full of love …..

Sunset 2.14.14


Team TLC is blessed by The Romano Duo! Thank you tons for the yummy lobster and champagne dinner tonight! All dinners with The Romano Duo are special. Spread love everywhere you go, every day …. Yum ….. for the food and love!

Valentine's Dinner 2.14.14 #1 Valentine's Dinner 2.14.14 #2


February 14 2013:

Happy Love Day Y’all!

Be Love Heart in Sand 2.14.13

Stoppin for a little park adventure!!

Thomas and Lillian Park 2.14.13


February 14 2012:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” -Steve Jobs

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends . . . Remember that you are AWESOME, you make a difference and NEVER let bumps in the road cause you to turn around . . .

Heart in Tree 2.14.12

Thomas’ homework today: Count to 100. I say to him, “Count to 100 when you finish what you are doing.” He says, “I already did, in my imagination.” That’s so good I think I’m gonna let that one slide!! Hahahaha!


Adventure with my little sweetheart!!!!

Geiger Lookout 2.14.12

Valentine’s dinner with Thomas …. Guinness in a champagne glass? Even better!!!

Valentine's Dinner 2.14.12