Throwback Post: A Big Chunk of My Heart


August 10 2014:

Just put a big chunk of my heart onto a plane headed to Seattle. Some opportunities for learning are so challenging (learning opportunity for me as Thomas is going to visit his Dad and his Dad’s family).

I choose to be grateful for this chance to learn that Thomas is a sovereign individual and he will be just fine amongst those who don’t share my philosophies, our style of living and who don’t think very highly of me.

I’ll be back to retrieve that chunk of my heart on Thursday. I’ve wrapped that entire plane with so much love and blessings, I know everyone on the plane will have a great flight! xoxo

His skill at not being easily influenced is being heavily tested as is my ability to let it be ….

As unpleasant as it is, I’d prefer him be exposed to some adverse circumstances now while he is still young and respects what I share and teach. This is a good lesson for him in opposing views, teasing, criticism and confusion. He’s getting a full meal deal! He told me last night he’s ready to come home. Hopefully, he and I will process all this in a healthy way and allow us to expand and grow! Hugs to all y’all!


Hung out all day with the girl in yellow … Read, ate dinner, played UNO and went for a walk. Got to Skype with Thomas and read our bedtime book via Skype too! Great day!

August 11 2014:

Spring 2014 …. Walk without Thomas … Miss that young man … and this life lesson can hurry up and be over. Is it Thursday yet? Connecting with some not so fun emotions. This calls for some heavy duty spreading of love tomorrow!

Throwback Post: Missing Puzzle Pieces – The Secret to Good Teaching


August 14 2014:

Today’s the day I get to pick up this amazing young man. I’ll be at the airport at 4:00 with a big ole smile!!


YAY! I got em! ‘Cause I’m happy … Happy, happy, happy!! xoxo


“The secret of good teaching is to regard the child’s intellect as a fertile field in which the seeds may be sown to grow under the heat of the flaming imagination.” ~Maria Montessori ….

Just spent TWO hours conversing with Thomas about things that were said to him by the one he had been visiting and sharing things I thought I would not be sharing until he was older. It is my wish and hope that I shared in such a way that good seeds were planted.

I wanted him to go to bed reassured and peaceful and not confused and feeling out of sorts. He said, “I see things as a puzzle. There are some pieces missing.” Then he drew a picture with two puzzle pieces with question marks.

My mind doesn’t work that way, so I was confused about what he was missing. I kept sharing and finally Thomas had all his puzzle pieces.

I know what I was to learn from this experience and will look back with a grateful heart for this part of the journey. I grew up not knowing what happened between my parents. One doesn’t need to know all the details; yet, enough so to help process unlovely events.

It sure would have helped my young mind and heart to have known … Headed to dream land now. May I have shared something that is meaningful to you … Sweet dreams y’all! xoxo

Responding with Love by Camilla Downs


September 15 2015:

Grateful to have had the opportunity to share a “respond with love and love is the answer” philosophy in a Huffington Post article. It served as a great reminder for me at the perfect moment. It seems that almost always the messages I share come about with perfect timing for me. My quote is the very last one – #6.