Throwback Post: Walks With a Hallway Picnic and Gratitude


July 15 2014:

Another beauty from our Spring Break walks …♡


Lillian’s snickerdoodle came out of the package smiling at her! Cool! Even cookies spread HAPPY! ♡


July 15 2013:

Vaulting Camp Adventures for Thomas!! Busy day!!


July 15 2012:

Too hot to eat at the table so we’re having a Team TLC hallway picnic!! Hope y’all are enjoying your dinner too!!


July 15 2011:

Happy 4th of July from Team TLC!!! Happy Birthday USA! There are no words to describe my gratitude to the BRAVE men and women who did what they did for us way back when …. FREEDOM is a treasure and a gift … Blessed to live with freedom every single day, live my life the way I see fit and choose, and pursue my life and my family’s life as I see fit …. Seize the FREEDOM we have been gifted …


July 2011


July 15 2009: