Dearest Thomas: May You Ever Know

January 19 2018:

Finished Thomas’ Gift! Now I can move on to the 2018 Theme Poster!!

Who else likes to use recycled items for gift making?

I so much loved making this. I like to use recycled items so this is on a piece of cardboard. The top and bottom border, flower stem, and two hearts are candy wrapper (Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Honey Mints) as Thomas loves the color and we save them (and I love that they are only 3 ingredients).

The tree is from an old calendar, the cow is from an old issue of Edible Reno-Tahoe magazine, the house and cat are from an old Trader Joe’s circular, and the rest is glitter glue! Made to hang with a piece of old hemp shoe string. About 5 years ago a friend gave us rolls and rolls of this hemp string. Still using it!

He loves trees, cows, and cats, and I know he would love living in that house … xoxo

Dearest Thomas

May you always ask questions,
May you always engage others in conversation,
May you always seek to understand.

May you ever know there are times when silence is the Way.

May you continue to be an explorer in the sea of knowledge,
May you filter that knowledge through the knowing of the Heart,
May you love this life and live it to the fullest.

May you ever be connected to the knowing of your Heart,
May you ever still …. Go here to read more …

Poetry: May You Ever Know

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