The One-Sock Club with Game Night and Clean Teeth

June 7 2021

Let’s talk about this one-sock-club. I looked outside, and there’s Thomas reading. Just kills me every time I see this!

Definitely universal! We’ve got folks from Canada, UK, US, and Spain who are members of the one-sock-club! I wonder if there’s a one-sock gene floating around in our DNA!

Yep. Clothes are pretty annoying. The only thing I like about them is that they keep me warm when it’s cold, and pockets. Pockets are pretty cool. Thomas feels that hair is an annoyance. He can’t wait to be bald! 😂🤣 I think he will have to make himself bald as that’s not something that runs in our family.

June 8 2021

It was game night for me and Thomas last night. Bocce ball, followed by foosball, with a gorgeous sunset.

June 10 2021

Thank you to Schall for referring me to a wonderful dentist. Thomas had a cleaning today to prepare for braces. The appointment was smooth and quiet, with Thomas’s questions being answered, and with everything explained to him. Finding a dentist who is a good fit is so tough.

Who Likes Socks

March 19 2018:

Thomas wants to know if he’s the only one that doesn’t like socks? Most times he wears them inside out …

None of us like socks! The seam is a big issue and that’s why he wears them inside out. After 40+ years, I finally caught on too, and wear some of mine inside out to get away from that seam! Seriously. We went for a walk this afternoon and he wore flip flops because he dreaded putting socks on (and there are piles of snow still around)! HA!

Seemed like he was always running around with one sock on when he was younger! I even have pictures! I asked him one time why he did that and he said “Cause it feels good” … Okay then!! xoxo

Thomas has big time sensory issues and can’t take how restrictive and tight they are, not to mention the crazy seam. Most times he just wears them inside out to get away from the seam. Yet, he still finds them uncomfortable.

I’m with him. I’ve taken to turning some of mine inside out too. I’d much rather just go barefoot and ditch shoes and socks altogether! As it is I only own a few pairs of shoes. I stand for Toe and Foot Freedom ….. !!! HA! xoxo

One of the first things we do when stepping inside. Take them shoes and socks off!! We ain’t got no time for that discomfort!!!

He’s just got big time sensory issues. Seams in all clothing and tags too. Thank goodness tagless shirts are abundant these days!

It’s not just with seams in socks. He can’t stand it if they are too tight also. And, absolutely no jean material or restrictive pants. He will only wear the gym type pants and shorts.

Lillian wears her snow boots without socks!! She can’t stand the way it feels with socks on!)

I prefer the barefoot type shoes that let you feel and connect with the earth. I have a pair of sandals like this and hope to soon get a pair of no sole moccasins and a pair of barefoot shoes meant for cooler wet weather. They are spendy. But worth it to not be restricted by these horribly designed and made shoes!!