A Confidence Not of Myself by Camilla Downs

Musk Thistle #1

I know not what I am doing.

This requires more than
self-confidence could ever provide.

This beckons a confidence not of my self.

A confidence ruled by the force
that causes the musk thistle do what it does.
Sprout, grow, bloom, wither, blow
with the wind, and re-seed.

The force that holds the stars
in the sky and the same force
that grew two beings in my womb.

This beckons a confidence not of my self.

A confidence that compels one
to put aside ones personal preferences
and what one thinks one wants.

A strong force, it is.

Nature shows us how.

Be still.
Let go.
Surrender to not knowing.

And let the One confidence lead the Way. -2017 Camilla Downs, Lessons from Nature

You Are Worthy


January 29 2013:

Just remember that your happYness must be built on a solid foundation of knowing and embracing your worth. Without this foundation your life will be filled with emotional up and downs.

Your happYness will hinge on others approval. It will blow away just as easily as leaves blow from the trees in Autumn. Your worth will be other-worth rather than self-worth. You must detach yourself from what others say or don’t say and what they do or don’t do.

You are worthy. It does not matter how many times you have failed or all the things you have done wrong. YOU ARE WORTHY because you exist and you have a unique purpose that only you can fulfill!

You Are Worthy in Sand January 2013