One Man’s Trash


November 11 2013:

A few days ago Thomas told me, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I said, “Is that right?”

He told me, “Yes, because a table with only 3 legs may be trash to one person, but to a person who uses their imagination it could be a monster with 3 legs.”

HA! I suppose some people would consider a monster a treasure!

People Would Profit From It

December 7 2017:

“I wonder if anyone else my age likes to listen to Frank Sinatra and that era music?” – Thomas … xoxo

After Thomas said this he commented, “People would profit from listening to this type of music.” …. And he didn’t mean the money kind of profit! Seriously, our Pandora station is permanently set to Mambo Italiano station. He detests the new versions of many of these songs and does not like any version Michael Buble sings. He says he detects inauthenticity in his singing …. This is one kid who knows what he likes and doesn’t like and can tell you why too!

He leaves me in awe the way he applies his intuitive inauthenticity detector to everything!! Movies, people, businesses, politics, the energy in homes, businesses, stores …. etc.

“Blue Suede Shoes” is one of my Elvis favorites! I grew up in Mississippi and I remember many trips with my Aunt to visit Graceland in Tennessee. Elvis was born and raised in Tupelo, MS and before he was famous my grandfather picked him up hitchhiking one day  … HA!  xoxo