Overflowing With Gratitude – Loving Kindness in Action Followed by Quaking and Rolling

March 20 2020

Overflowing with gratitude for a beautiful human who made a grocery store run for us. I went grocery shopping last week BEFORE the craziness began, and it was just a regular weekly trip. So, we were running out of things.

Except for walks, we’ve not left the house since Saturday. Lillian has a weak immune system so best to stay home. Incredibly grateful for your kindness, Constance Aguilar!!! Team TLC thanks you!!!

And … how about an earthquake to go along with dinner tonight? Sure …

It was big for this area (5.0), but, I don’t think there was damage anywhere. It’s just the most unsettling feeling. It always takes me a bit to get my equilibrium settled. Lillian felt it the most, Thomas didn’t feel a dam* thing (HA!), and I felt it, but what got my attention was the loud noise the 3 big windows in the living room made! Hugs to you!! xoxo

March 27 2020

Thank you Toilet Paper Faeries!! Who knew there were faeries for TP? Well, there are and we are grateful to all of you. We’re also good with toilet paper now. Deeply grateful and incredibly blessed by your thoughtfulness and kindness. 🙏♥️♥️♥️🙏 A photo of the sky as I chatted with the faeries.

**Update April 4, 2020: We’ve had another trip to Trader Joe’s by different friend, in addition to using Insta Cart. We are incredibly thankful and deeply blessed.