Throwback Post: Chirping Smoke Alarm With Guinea Pig Olympics


August 15 2015:

A miraculous event happened this morning! It’s gonna be an amazing day! The smoke alarm did NOT start chirping for battery change until everyone was awake this morning!! How often does that happen?? Wahooo!! Here’s wishing a blessed day to all y’all!! xoxo


August 15 2014:

We had the Guinea Pig Olympics here last night. Lovey is the champion at paper towel roll throwing!! Go Lovey!!


There was a party in my office chair earlier! They left room for me too! Everybody needs a green gorilla in their life … xoxo


August 15 2011:

First day of kindergarten for Team member T!!!

Flying to Montana and Smoke Alarm and Cranberry Sauce

November 20 2018:

It was a great day for “Where Would You Fly” to fly to Montana! Be wild and free!!! 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️

November 21 2018:

How on Earth did I cause the smoke alarm to go off while Thomas helped make the cranberry sauce?

You take one part Lillian wanting me to help her decide what to wear.

One part helping Thomas gather items and follow the directions.

One part me adding Orecchiette pasta to boiling water while the bag opening is unknowingly facing the opposite direction. Pasta spreads across the counter and stove top and onto the hot burner. The two landing in the burner burst into flames.

Then we have a smoke alarm going off which leads to Lillian going off because the alarm is going off. Lillian has a new rule now. Smoke alarms MUST be turned off before cooking!! 😂😜

Wheeee … Cranberry sauce finished and delicious!!! 💞💞💞