Book Review: Sebastian – A Book About Bach

August 19 2017:

Sebastian – A Book About Bach

from the front flap: “He heard one melody for the violin, one for the trumpet, one for the flute, and one for the oboe. Each instrument has its own voice. And when all the voices sounded at the same time, it was like good friends talking together.”

We really enjoyed reading about Bach’s early life and his family life. It was so interesting to learn that he and his wife had 20 children. And that he lived and worked in Germany all his life, never traveling more than 200 miles from his home.

We enjoyed this one!

Sebastian - A Book About Bach 2017

Book Review: Far Beyond the Garden Gate

August 12 2017:

Far Beyond the Garden Gate

Story of Alexandra David-Neel, who was the most famous woman in France in the 1920’s. She was the first Western woman to enter the forbidden capital of Tibet, Lhasa.

She was a self-taught Buddhist scholar and spoke Tibetan flawlessly. Born outside Paris in 1868, she had an irresistible wanderlust and was fascinated by railway lines.

Loved learning about Alexandra David-Neel!

Far Beyond the Garden Gate Book 2017

No Dessert for Me


April 24, 2012

“I don’t want dessert. I’m too busy reading.” Thomas Darnell

{This kid does not even hear me when he’s reading. Stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things earlier and he read his book while walking down the aisles!!}


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Did you know Camilla wrote a book? It’s titled “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance” and you can read more about it here.

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Book Review: It Takes a Village

July 22 2017:

This phrase has come up for me twice in the last few days. Thought it a great time to share this book we read several months ago …

It Takes a Village

A heart-warming story based on the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The story takes place at a traditional open-air market as we learn the power of a close-knit community.

Wonderful section in the back of the book with additional information about African markets. Great book!

It Takes a Village Book 2017

Book Musings: The Lemonade Club

May 13 2017:

The Lemonade Club

This one’s for you, Susan Moran. You are an all star rated Michelin at all things lemon. Fly Free. Love you tons and tons.

An inspiring book about friendship, supporting one another, and our amazing and wonderful lives. This one is right up there with my favorite Patricia Polacco books! We all enjoyed this one, indeed!!

The Lemonade Club Book 2016

Book Musings: The Garden of Happiness

July 1 2017:

The Garden of Happiness

Another feel good book!! Yes. We love these kind! Neighbors transform an emtpy lot into a neighborhood garden. Space is limited and there’s no room left for young Marisol to plant something.

She finds a teeny tiny spot and plants one seed. It becomes the shining star of the garden! And there’s a surprise ending in this one too that may make your eyes sweat!!

The Garden of Happiness Book 2017

Book Musings: Sky Sweeper

Sky Sweeper Book 2016

Sky Sweeper

We’ve read this book a couple of times and simply love the story. Young Takeboki needs a job and wants to do something that brings him pleasure. He becomes the Flower Keeper in the temple garden.

All throughout his life, friends, family and local people urge him to move on and do something more lucrative. Yet, being a Flower Keeper continues to give him pleasure until the end of his days. Beautiful story about the joy and peace of living life as you like and doing what brings you pleasure! xoxo

Library Day and Last Day of Unschool and Injustice and Shanghai Summer

June 1 2017:

Today was library day … It was the Sparks Library this time. Books, books, books!

Sparks Library 6.1.17

June 2 2017:

Last day of 10th grade for Lillian and last day of 5th grade for Thomas. Plus, national donut day!! Celebrating with gluten free powdered doughnuts and salted caramel gelato. xoxo

Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #4 Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #3 Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #2 Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #1

June 3 2017:

A few weeks ago Thomas declared I was being unfair. So …. he built a Tower of Injustice directly in front of the front door! He finally decided to dismantle it last night. Ha!! xoxo

Tower of Injustice 6.3.17

June 3 2017:

Thomas and I are incredibly grateful for this amazing dinner, the wonderfully kind volunteers, Reno Buddhist Center, and Moon Rabbit Cafe!

We so very much enjoyed Shanghai Summer Moon Rabbit Cafe Dinner June 3rd 5 to 8 pm … A love infused Pay-What-You-Can Cafe.

For me, vegetable wontons, veggie and tofu kabob, roasted corn, sesame/ginger Asian slaw, enjoyed with a refreshing watermelon spritzer and finished with an amazing scoop of pistachio ice cream. Yum!!

For Thomas, all of the same except he had crab artichoke rangoon, teriyaki chicken kabob and mango sorbet to finish.

Grateful, grateful. Thank you! xoxo

Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #5 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #4 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #3 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #2 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #1

Book Musings: Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom

June 3 2017:

Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom

Beautiful picture book of Nelson Mandela’s autobiography.

“Never, never, never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another … ” ~Nelson Mandela

I offered to split this into two nights. Thomas and Lillian emphatically replied, “No!”

Yes, it was loved!

Nelson Mandele Long Walk to Freedom Book 2017