From No Bed to Plush Bed – New Bed for Thomas

October 15 2020

This is what I will attempt tomorrow. Thomas has not had a bed since 2015. By choice to begin with, as he wanted to try Japanese floor bed style. Then later, I simply was not financially able to get one.

Since moving into our new place (November 2019), he’s been sleeping on an air bed. If all goes well tomorrow, he will sleep in a brand new cushy bed tomorrow night, plush style with a new platform frame, new mattress, new sheets, and a new pillow. My patience evades me when putting things like this together. Pray for me …

October 16 2020

I did it! The new pillow hasn’t arrived yet so that’s the last piece, along with a new comforter as it gets cooler. Tomorrow we’ll get the nightstand moved next to the bed and move the books to another spot. 🎉🎉🎉

I’m excited for Thomas. He deserves this! Having gone 5 years without a bed, never having a brand new one. I went all out. Organic and vegan … everything, plus eco-friendly and non-toxic. None of us can handle toxic fumes.