United Nations Replica and Biggest Little Photographer Coming to Rancho San Rafael

January 15 2017:

This morning Thomas asked if he could show me what he’s been creating.

Minutes later I sat cuddled next to him looking at a replica of the UN building and grounds ….. in Minecraft. He says he did a few searches to find out what it looked like. xoxo


January 18 2017:

Message received today from Ranger Marie with Washoe County Parks – Ranch San Rafael ParkĀ … “We’d love to help share Thomas’ book with the community and discuss an exhibit. I am so happy! I talked to all the Rangers about it and we are so thrilled!!!! …. you can call me on my personal cell anytime …. ”

PLUS an email from one of the BIG casino’s here in town about the book for their gift shop … We shall see what happens with this one …

It is when we are in the depths of our own darkness, we can rest assured the light and solutions are simply awaiting our embrace of said darkness ….. for the light will shine, shine, shine once we patiently dance with the darkness … xoxo

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New Discovery for Thomas

September 15 2016:

A couple of weeks ago I discovered there is a “Brick Store” here in Reno. Thomas was with me today and we went inside to check it out.

A great, locally owned place and the manager there is so awesome!!
Thomas said he couldn’t even describe the feelings he had in that store. It felt good. Good energy, good vibes!!

PLUS, I think you’ll be seeing Thomas’ upcoming book, Biggest Little Photographer, in that little ole store! Wahoo!! Bet they’d love for Thomas to have a book signing there! Stay tuned! xoxoxo