Throwback Post: Kindness With a Chromosome Lesson While Sharing Gratitude


July 20 2015:

One of my most favorite quotes in a great book we received today!! Sam is a C18 buddy who has 18q-. YAY Monica Tello McDivitt!!! Can’t wait to meet you and Sam face to face next year in San Antonio!!


Went to Trader Joe’s today to stock up on food for the Chromosome 18 Conference. Since we’re driving this year, we get to take our own food! YAY! Thomas told the cashier about our plans and she wanted to know all about a chromosome 18 conference. Got to give another person a mini chromosome lesson. Always seems to be the cashiers at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods who ask to know more. So friendly!! Here we are at the 2013 conference farewell dinner. xoxo


July 20 2011:

I suggested to Thomas and Lillian that we make a poster to thank the organizations and people that made it possible for us to attend the Chromosome 18 Conference. They took the initiative and each wrote a blog post too! They bless me tons and tons!