The Unexpected Leads to Meltdown

November 10 2017:

The Unexpected: I had a service request for a slow draining tub with a note to call me first before entering. In the past they have always called first. This time. They didn’t.

I was out for walk and when I got back I ran into the maintenance guy headed away from our place. Lillian did not let him inside so I invited him to come inside with me.

After he left, a huge meltdown ensued that took Lillian two hours to recover from. She was not expecting this and it threw her schedule and morning out of whack.

I am so incredibly thankful for the path I have been led. The path of meditation, mindfulness, immersing in nature, emotional connection, Reiki, and now, EFT – tapping. Lillian will be one of my next tapping clients! HA!

It is imperative that I meet her volatile outburst with the opposite. I’m not able to do that every time, yet, most times I am able to hold a space of peace and calm. xoxo

Little Washoe Lake Team TLC 10.11.15 #1

I think there are quite a few 18p- beauties that have difficulties with this. Yes, it takes so much practice and they are here to be a mirror for us when we aren’t walking our talk, for sure. I try to always let them know I am not handling a situation as I would like to handle it so they know that even I don’t agree with how I’m handling it, but my humanness has taken over! HA!