Throwback Post: Sat on a Rock With Wonderful Sounds


June 22 2016:

Walk with Thomas last night. We sat on this rock for quite a while. Round after round of ducks and geese came over to see if we had food. They make the most wonderful sound when asking for food. It’s really soft and quiet.

Then we saw a swallowtail butterfly. We watched him travel from bud to bud. So cool!!!

Flock of Geese Shopping at the Library with Creative Pumpkins and Good Food

October 18 2022

This flock of geese had early morning grocery shopping on their to do list today.

October 19 2022

It was library volunteer afternoon yesterday for me and Lillian. We always love the display of creative pumpkins. 🎃👻🎃

October 20 2022

Our community treated us to dinner tonight! Look at this amazing, heaping vegan plate they made for me. I emailed them yesterday to see if they had any vegan options.

The owner thanked me for reaching out, saying she would make me grilled hot Italian impossible sausages, with peppers and onions, and a side of their cilantro lime coleslaw. It was so dang good! Thank you Bone Appetit Bar-b-Que Grill!


Trees and Big Moon and Frisky Cormorants and Geese

September 12 2016:

Trees playing with the moon … On a moonlit walk last week. xoxo


September 16 2016:

I’ve not seen the cormorants and egrets like this before. The cormorants seemed frisky and playful on my morning walk!! Hope you can see it!


September 17 2016:

I was trying to record the birds singing, yet, the geese had other plans …. xoxo


September 17 2016:

Took this last night. There are times it would be awesome to own a camera. Beautiful, big, lovely moon! xoxoxo