Nature Chatted About the Party – Lillian

October 12 2016:


Make a wish and read Lillian’s latest blog post in the Nature Party Series … “The nature team prepared for the party. Meanwhile, Nature chatted about the party made just for them. They were all excited. “I’m so excited.” said the … ” …. xoxoxo ….

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Spreading the Great Nature – Lillian

October 1 2016:

She’s still at it!! (Her book is next!!) Part 2 of Lillian’s new series about Nature …

….. As the leader wrote special invitations, the leader of the nature group suggested,”I got an awesome idea. How about we spread the great nature? Would you spread the news to our good nature-loving friends with the invitations?” and the group responded,”That’s an great idea. Let’s make it happen! Sure, we would love to spread the news.” …. Go here to read the rest

Go Lillian Go!! xoxo