Only One Item Left

April 3 2020:

Another one checked off the list! New bank account set up for Lillian’s SSI! Finished at 5:56 pm today. The entire process has taken about a month, to month and a half, due to needing paperwork from SS.

This last part has taken about a week and a half as we did it through email, text, phone, and DocuSign. Yet, it’s done!! Only one item left now for the Lillian-Turned-18-Paperwork-And-To-Do-List-Palooza … Creating an ABLE account.

Can We Be Done Now

March 9 2020

Can we be done now? Just back from having the POA for health decisions notarized. Just two items remaining. New bank account for SSI and then an ABLE account. Yay!!! Done!!!

Next up, after a rest from paperwork, …. trust(s) and adjusting my life insurance. So much paperwork, so many details.