A Little Kindness Here and a Sprinkle of Magic There and a Pinch of Joy All Over

February 19 2018:

A blessed day of a little kindness here, sprinkle of magic there, and a pinch of joy to round it out … On a day when I haven’t felt myself. I think I stayed in bed all day, and this body got up to do the motions! HA! I’m not sick, just blah …

Woke up to a new “Where Would You Fly” book sale and unpacked a couple of boxes and hung a few more lovelies back on the wall.

While filling our water jugs with spring water at a local water tank, the machine took all my cash, but didn’t give me water! Hmmmm … A small trickle was making it’s way into one of the 3 gallon jugs.

That was the last of my cash. I sat there and thought, “Well, what do I do now.”

I got out to take a photo of the sign with the phone number and email and out of no where, a guy walks around the tank and asks if I’m having problems. I explained and it turns out he and his wife own this tank and a few others.

He went to work getting my water and gave me my money as this time it was on them. Yes, it was only $3. I don’t care. An act of kindness is an act of kindness and my heart welcomes kindness in whatever form it arrives.

This wasn’t the only unexpected and positive happening day. Today has been overflowing with them …. And, on a day when I have felt incredibly disconnected and blah …. Just the sort of day that one can truly rejoice in them … xoxo

I Love You and Hugging


May 2 2014:


“I just wanna walk up to people, tell them I love them and give them a hug” –Thomas Darnell

Told him that is so awesome and beautiful. He asked if it was okay to do that. I told him absolutely … but be prepared for some possible strange looks from people as they are not used to this.

Then we talked about the song “What a Wonderful World” and the line “When people say How do you do? they’re really saying “I Love You” … I suggested he could do this and the meaning is the same as long as that’s what’s in his heart.

I LOVE LOVE … My heart is so full of love ….. LOVE!! xoxo

Thomas’ favorite version of “What a Wonderful World” …