The Pool is Open and Dancing Freedom

May 25 2017:

The pool is open!!! Yay!!! Happy Thomas and Lillian! xoxo

Pool is Open 5.25.17 #4 Pool is Open 5.25.17 #3 Pool is Open 5.25.17 #2 Pool is Open 5.25.17 #1

May 26 2017:

Today is day 12 of the 21 Day Dancing Freedom Challenge. This is a wonderful, inspiring, awakening, and alchemizing experience.

First four days were Earth, next four Water, and today we finished Fire … which included alchemy. Next up is Air and then Ether.

I know this way isn’t the way for everyone. Yet, I feel each person has their own unique style of releasing, connecting, surrendering, accepting, and allowing.

One lesson I continue to learn throughout this journey is to listen to internal nudges, hunches, and inspirations. I have ignored the dancing nudge for years …. Listen and KNOW there is a reason. xoxo

Here’s the Dancing Freedom facebook page. They close the challenge group two days after the challenge begins, yet, I’m sure you can sign up for the next one! xoxoxo