From Grumpy to Grateful

February 3 2019:

I’m deep in “submitting my writings” mode and “working on the next book” mode. Which means searching through past writings. I come across many I’d like to share; yet usually resist the urge. Just couldn’t for this one … from March 2016 …. xoxo

Meet little 3 year old Liam’s legs and feet. He and his mom sat next to me at Virginia Lake Park in early March. Liam was fishing and I fished with him. I caught a fish!!!

It was magical fishing with him!! He kept holding his ….

Fishing with Liam and Shifting My Perspective


Book Musings: For the Right to Learn – Malala Yousafzai’s Story

For the Right to Learn – Malala Yousafzai’s Story

We are so inspired by Malala Yousafzai!! At 17 years old she accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. She almost lost her life for being outspoken about equal education in her home country of Pakistan.

“This award is not just for me. It is for those forgotten children who want education. It is for those frightened children who want peace. It is for those voiceless children who want change.”

Movie Night: All The President’s Men

February 2 2019:

Team TLC Movie Night – Thomas’ choice: “All The President’s Men”

Thomas says, “It was good.”

I say, “I had never seen this. Enjoyed watching and it held my attention. Loved seeing all the typewriters in the newsroom and rotary dial phones!!”

Lillian sat this one out.

Slow But Sure – Rainbow of Emotions Quilt Update

February 2 2019:

…. from Gerry … “Progress…slow but sure.”

February 4 2019:

Gerry update!! “This is what I’ve been working on this snowy afternoon: So many little shapes to sew around!”

Are you interested in having a 3X3 Quilt of this or one of Lillian’s other abstract art pieces? Let us know in the comments. xoxo

Curried Potatoes and Dark Chocolate and a Frog

January 29 2019:

Lunch today …. YUM!!! Curried potatoes topped with Daiya cheese, grape tomatoes, English cucumber, and white radish. Drizzled with creamy vegan ranch. Wrapped inside a soft and fluffy flat bread. Ahhhhh … 😋💫💫💫😋

January 31 2019:

We had a great night having dinner with The Romano Duo tonight! Other than a few silly pictures of Thomas and Lillian, this is the only picture I took. What’d ya think is the story for this glowing, luscious, red lipped, Pine green beauty? 🐸❤️💚🤣😂

She’s been with mom and Frank for a good long time. Thomas stepped outside and came back in with her and I thought it was the funniest thing ever!

She’s holding painted rocks we made for them when they moved in 2015. The Arizona heat sort of melted the paint! HA! Which is why she got a new paint job!! Thomas even took a photo of her that’s included in his Biggest Little Photographer book!

February 3 2019:

Oh my gosh! So yum! Dark chocolate sunflower seed butter cups. Wish Trader Joe’s had these year round. Or, maybe it’s a good thing they don’t! 🌻😋😂🤣😋🌻

Lillian and Camilla January 2019 Date Day

February 1 2019:

Lillian and Camilla January 2019 date day.

First stop: Fries for Lillian, bright red shortbread cookie for Lillian and vegan chocolate blackout cupcake for me. 😋😋😋

Next up, shopping for lip balm for Lillian. She chose Mongo Kiss Peppermint and she let me try it last night. Good choice!! 💙💙💙

Ended the date with a long walk where we used to walk in 2014 and 2015. I am deeply blessed and grateful that she still loves to go walking with me. 🙏💖💖💖🙏

Most of you know that Lillian has a deep, irrational fear of dogs (and all animals). You can see in this picture of her, that’s she’s not wearing her usual glowing smile. This was about 10 minutes after she was “attacked” by a dog. I say attack because that’s what it feels like for her.

It was an incredibly jolly and happy dog. I tried to hide Lillian behind me and tried to get the dogs attention; but that didn’t work. The happy dogs seem to be attracted to her!

It was very traumatic and took her hours to recover. When the dogs young girl human caught up to the dog and us, she was nearly in tears as she felt so bad this had happened.

Lillian has been reading about dogs to help with this fear. Yet, it is not getting her there. Hopefully soon she will be ready to visit with a friendly, very mellow dog. Perhaps that will help. We go for so many walks, and encounter so many unleashed dogs, she really wants to get past this. 💝💝💝

Television Can Be Very Educating

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” -Groucho Marx … Quote and photography from the book, Biggest Little Photographer by Thomas Darnell

Go here if you’d like to have a book for yourself or someone you love … Thank you! xoxo

Tiny Home Living – Update

January 27 2019:

It’s been 3 years since I’ve posted an update about this … Thought it was about time! xoxo

The Top Six Lessons Learned from Tiny Home Living …. As a Family of Three

The last update I wrote about our tiny home living was at four months. Here we are going into our fourth year! I feel we are long overdue for an update. It’s been so long in coming partly due to the fact that I truly thought we would only be here one year, two years at the most and partly due to procrastination….

The Top Six Lessons Learned from Tiny Home Living …. As a Family of Three