Highest Level of Happy and Follow Your Dreams

June 7 2017:

“I’m so happy! What’s the highest level of Happy that exists?” -Thomas …..

Thomas was invited to participate in a Sumo Bot Challenge today. He doesn’t have the LEGO robot kit, yet the parent team leader and organizer made him a basic one to modify and use for the Challenge.

When it was time to leave she offered to let him borrow it until they need it again in July. His gratitude and joy was oozing from every pore. He could not stop saying how amazing this is as he has wanted one for years. So incredibly grateful to this wonderful mom!! xoxo

Robot and Thomas 6.7.17 #3 Robot and Thomas 6.7.17 #2 Robot and Thomas 6.7.17 #1

June 8 2017:

Found in the kitchen …. Seriously. I have no idea how many times Thomas has read this dictionary. He will be the grammar editor for all future books we write!

Fact books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, pilot manuals, coding books, and the manual for our car! He’s read them over and over.

And this afternoon he said, “It’s weird how we idolize those who pursue their dreams.” I asked him why. He says it should just be the normal course that everyone takes. I have never heard it presented in this way …. and I agree. It should be the norm. xoxo

Dictionary Thomas Post 6.8.17

Success – Wild Child Nature Session – Notice Nature

June 8 2017:

So grateful to Dorota and her two amazing kids for braving the crazy heavy winds to attend Wild Child Nature Sessions – Notice Nature this morning.

We had a beautiful time together. I’m blessed that this session held a space of peace and connection during a busy time for Dorota’s family.

And, that something I shared will be helpful for her daughter before dance performance next week. Overflowing with gratitude. Here we are after spending an hour in the strong winds. xoxo

Wild Child Nature Session 6.8.17 #5 Wild Child Nature Session 6.8.17 #4 Wild Child Nature Session 6.8.17 #3 Wild Child Nature Session 6.8.17 #2 Wild Child Nature Session 6.8.17 #1

Library Day and Last Day of Unschool and Injustice and Shanghai Summer

June 1 2017:

Today was library day … It was the Sparks Library this time. Books, books, books!

Sparks Library 6.1.17

June 2 2017:

Last day of 10th grade for Lillian and last day of 5th grade for Thomas. Plus, national donut day!! Celebrating with gluten free powdered doughnuts and salted caramel gelato. xoxo

Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #4 Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #3 Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #2 Last Day of School 2017 HA! 6.2.17 #1

June 3 2017:

A few weeks ago Thomas declared I was being unfair. So …. he built a Tower of Injustice directly in front of the front door! He finally decided to dismantle it last night. Ha!! xoxo

Tower of Injustice 6.3.17

June 3 2017:

Thomas and I are incredibly grateful for this amazing dinner, the wonderfully kind volunteers, Reno Buddhist Center, and Moon Rabbit Cafe!

We so very much enjoyed Shanghai Summer Moon Rabbit Cafe Dinner June 3rd 5 to 8 pm … A love infused Pay-What-You-Can Cafe.

For me, vegetable wontons, veggie and tofu kabob, roasted corn, sesame/ginger Asian slaw, enjoyed with a refreshing watermelon spritzer and finished with an amazing scoop of pistachio ice cream. Yum!!

For Thomas, all of the same except he had crab artichoke rangoon, teriyaki chicken kabob and mango sorbet to finish.

Grateful, grateful. Thank you! xoxo

Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #5 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #4 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #3 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #2 Moon Rabbit Cafe 6.3.17 #1

Book Musings: Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom

June 3 2017:

Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom

Beautiful picture book of Nelson Mandela’s autobiography.

“Never, never, never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another … ” ~Nelson Mandela

I offered to split this into two nights. Thomas and Lillian emphatically replied, “No!”

Yes, it was loved!

Nelson Mandele Long Walk to Freedom Book 2017

She Loved by Camilla Downs

May 18 2017:

It’s the 18th of the month. Chromosome #18 brought into our life family we never knew we had and has blessed us beyond the words to even describe. To a beautiful soul ….

Dragon and Angel Wings and Bird Wings Vintage Lake May 2017

Ever There

She loved.
She shined.
She let go.

Ever there with kind words,
with encouraging words,
with loving suggestions,
and, oh yes, hugs and happy dancing.

A smile that beamed brightly.
Greeting with open arms all who
were new to this different path.

The originator
of the “Different is Good” slogan.
She checked in on one
just when one thought she
was all alone.

She lived life
to the fullest,
coming to embrace this
different path.

Deeply she loved
her family.
Openly and freely
sharing her own
ups and downs.

Dear friends
and family the world over, has she,
who are deeply saddened for her
early departure.

She wanted to help all.
She wanted to cheer us all on.
She wanted to hug us all.

Every eighteenth of every month
my face to the sky I will turn,
to see and feel a warmth from above,
surrounding me with the
help, cheer, and hugs she
longed to provide.

Fly free beautiful soul,
Fly free and help, cheer,
support, hug, happy dance,
and LOVE for an eternity.

I love you, Susan Moran.

Camilla & Susan Savanahh Conference

Beauty and Heavenly and Hugging and Incredibly Beautiful

May 30 2017:

Such a beauty …. and smells oh so heavenly. This cutie has a heart shaped petal plus she’s hugging herself! You go! ….. from a walk yesterday. xoxoxo

Pink Rose Hugging Itself 5.30.17

June 2 2017:

Sunset walk yesterday. Incredibly beautiful. Grateful to nature as there was complaining and grumpiness along the way. Nature is amazing at absorbing and transmuting. xoxoxo

Team TLC Walk Vintage Lake 6.2.7 #5 Team TLC Walk Vintage Lake 6.2.7 #4 Team TLC Walk Vintage Lake 6.2.7 #3 Team TLC Walk Vintage Lake 6.2.7 #2 Team TLC Walk Vintage Lake 6.2.7 #1

Be With Me by Camilla Downs

Pink and White Flowers Sweet One Poem 2016

“Sweet one,
Be with me
For a moment.

I ask of you
Out of your mind
To venture.

Come forth
Into your heart.
Listen to the song
Of the heart.
For she sings
A love song
Sweet and beautiful.

A song designed
Specifically for you.
Hear you will not,
If you choose
To live life
In the realm of the mind.

The mind is a tool
To be used in
Unison with the
The song of the heart.

Come forth into
Your heart.
Listen to the song
Of the heart.
Live life from
The music of the heart

And set your self free.” ~2016 Camilla Downs, Lessons from Nature

How Do You Let Your True Colors Shine

May 29 2017:

Fear ~~ Control ~~ Manipulation ~~ Conditional Love ~~ Smallness ~~ Victim These six have been my friends throughout this life. I unconsciously believed they were my protectors, my power, and what allowed me to live this life as I thought I wanted to experience it. In December 2016, I had an intuitive knowing that the year 2017 would bring with it a… [ 532 more words ]

One Way I Surrendered To My True Colors