Book Shelf: The Boy Who Drew Birds – A Story of John James Audubon

September 29 2019:

The Boy Who Drew Birds – A Story of John James Audubon

(Throwback to 2016)

Another book we enthusiastically enjoyed reading!

Banding a bird, that is, tying a marker around the bird’s leg to track its movement, was an innovative idea in Audubon’s time. In 1804, he became the first person in North America to band a bird.

His simple experiment helped prove homing. He grew to be the greatest painter of birds of all time. He was the first to paint life-size images of birds and the first to show birds hunting, preening, fighting, and flying.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Movie Night: The Avengers

September 28 2019:

Team TLC Movie Night – Thomas’ choice: “The Avengers”

Thomas says, “It was good.”

I say, “Really enjoyed this one. Thomas and I are still making our way through the series. I am having a great time watching these with him. Next up is Iron Man 3.”

Lillian sat this one out. She’s not into the Marvel movies.

A Cute Dandelion Flourish with First Edits and a Trip to The Netherlands

September 24 2019:

Submitted for the LCCN today (Library of Congress Number) and received the cute dandelion flourish that will grace the interior of the book. Thanks Kate!

September 25 2019:

Yesterday I received the lovely flourish that will be used throughout the book (Gratitude Page, Table of Contents and Chapter Title Pages).

I also received the minor edits for the non-poetry content (Forward, Closing, About the Author) from my proofreader/editor. It’s pretty cool having a proofreader living under the same roof, plus it counts towards his schooling!

September 26 2019:

I have a friend in The Netherlands that would like a signed copy of Words of Alchemy. Anyone else in that area or Europe that wants a signed book and would like to share in the shipping from here (USA) to The Netherlands? She will mail yours to you from there.

One Step at a Time

September 23 2019:

During the last week of August this was finally resolved. After having to reach out to the supervisor of the supervisors.

Now I’m working on the cover reveal for my book, happening this coming Saturday, finishing my research on Supported Decision Making and preparing documents for this (moving on to research ABLE Accounts – anyone have thoughts on these), working with Thomas to loosely lay out schooling for the next four years, and then back around to Lillian to help her set up her creations in an online store.

The Flame of Advocacy – Camilla Downs

Third Time Has Got to Be the Charm

September 22 2019:

Yes … Third time has got to be the charm …. when we actually get to move!! I’ve had a couple of people ask how we are liking our new place. The move in date keeps getting bumped due to construction delays. It has been bumped about 3 or 4 times since I wrote this! We are currently looking at a “soft” date of October 15th.

Third Time Has Got To Be The Charm

Throwback Post: Rocks as Gifts and Picture Day and Weather Station


May 21 2013:

Thomas went on a quick bike ride this morning before school … and brought home gifts for me and Lillian …. ROCKS. This kid totally Rocks! Perhaps he was inspired by the gift Lillian and I brought him from our date Sunday. We brought him a sticker from Squeeze In and a weed eater string we found at the park. He liked the weed eater string best!! Maybe y’all will be inspired to show some gratitude/kindness to someone you love today by giving them a home made or nature made gift! Have FUN!!

Thomas Rocks as Gifts May 21 2013

Picture Day at HDMS Adventures for Thomas and Lillian … April 2013.

Thomas and Lillian May 21 2013

After going outside to check the homemade weather station and the wind this morning, Lillian came to me and said she had a nature chant to share … “Go wind Go. Someday, I know, you’ll be the pro.” The wind must have really liked it. I nearly got blown over during my walk!! So inspired by that young lady!