Un Doing by Camilla Downs

Un Doing

Speak your truth dear one
with a golden tongue

let it be known
your true self

ride the times of the wind
listen to the longing of your heart

slow down the drum beat
of the must be doing

listen to the melody
of relaxation as it
plays ever more
in your bones

when this is allowed ….

Poetry: Un Doing


Breathe In and Breathe Out and Feel It by Camilla Downs

May 25 2019:

Written in response to a call for an essay about gratitude … Sent on wings of appreciation and love … With a photo of Nature’s Beauty …

I had a decision to make. I could continue to be stuck in a place of self pity, of feeling like I’m not one of the chosen who gets to have a peaceful, abundant, and joyful life. By no means was this an easy decision to make. I struggled on and off for more than 20 years with a core belief that people like me do not get to have an easy,…

Breathe In and Breath Out and Feel It

The Circle of Life by Camilla Downs

April 14 2019:

Working on the next book and discovered I never shared this fun poem from July 2018!

The Circle of Life

On a bed of lentils,
surrounded by yellow flowers,
in cycles of three
she rotated through life.

What has she done wrong,
What did she do for all
the right reasons ….

Photography and Poetry: The Circle of Life


Reuniting With Someone Special by Camilla Downs

April 7 2019:

I wrote this on February 27, 2019 … One day after my 49th birthday. This was over a month ago. I’m in a beautiful and peaceful place now, so I am simply sharing for anyone who may benefit from this writing. Rock on with ya bad selves!

Happy Birthday to Me – Reuniting With Someone Special

Just when I thought the really deep, tough stuff was all done ….

Happy Birthday to Me – Reuniting With Someone Special

A Philosophy of Walking by Camilla Downs

A Philosophy of Walking

And she walked.
And she walked.
She walked until
Arriving at
The home of
Peace and Joy.
Discovering once there,
She had been
Here all along.

I went for an hour long walk this morning. My body and mind did not want to go. I went anyway.

Just as a cool glass of water slakes my thirst on a scorching hot day, going for walks quenches the thirst of my soul and heart to know my true self, to heal, to release, to allow joy, and to be at peace. Walking guides me in the loving way to process life, to fulfill life, and to let life be.

For the past 18 years I have been going for walks. The meaning and depth of the walks have ….

A Philosophy of Walking


How Writing Helps Me With Parenting by Camilla Downs

How Writing Helps Me With Parenting

Writing has been a sanity saving bridge which has led from processing parenting experiences to peace and solutions. Single parenting two children led me on a journey for which I have no map. Through writing, I create the map as I travel this wild and wonderful parenting safari.

My parenting journey has included many life lessons disguised as sinkholes, road blocks, and dead ends. My daughter, Lillian, was diagnosed at age 3 years old with a …

How Writing Helps Me With Parenting


The Journey by Camilla Downs


The Journey

A persons journey is never the same as another
With twists and turns and roads less traveled
Smooth at times, bumpy at others.

We begin this journey from our common home
And we travel to far away distant lands
In search of something we think we’ve lost
Only to realize that it was never really lost.

It was simply buried beneath ideas we assumed as our own
And buried beneath beliefs that soaked deep into our cells.
So we each travel our own journey home
And although our journeys are unique
Our destination is the same.

Ultimately, we all reach the destination
A destination reached at different times for each person.
We are welcomed to a home we never really departed
Welcomed into love’s embrace.
-©Camilla Downs 2016

From Grumpy to Grateful

February 3 2019:

I’m deep in “submitting my writings” mode and “working on the next book” mode. Which means searching through past writings. I come across many I’d like to share; yet usually resist the urge. Just couldn’t for this one … from March 2016 …. xoxo

Meet little 3 year old Liam’s legs and feet. He and his mom sat next to me at Virginia Lake Park in early March. Liam was fishing and I fished with him. I caught a fish!!!

It was magical fishing with him!! He kept holding his ….

Fishing with Liam and Shifting My Perspective


My Entire Life Dissolved by Camilla Downs

December 11 2018:

Last Tuesday my entire life dissolved. It simply disappeared like sugar in boiling water. Who I am, who I thought myself to be disintegrated. In my mind’s eye, I could see creations and events literally crumbling. Have you ever had that happen?

Being me, I view this as the only way I know how … As a deeply spiritual experience. And I am grateful to be traveling this path … uncomfortable experiences, and all.

It left this one saturated with confusion and pain. I had been 

My Entire Life Dissolved


The Cosmic Friendship

November 28 2018:

Dearest Carolyn R Smith,

To have someone
such as you
to hold a mirror
so that one may
fully see the path
she has travelled
and continues to travel.

To have someone
such as you
shower your kindness
and generosity upon she.

To have someone
such as you
to share what
she needs to share
knowing it only
deepens the relationship.

To have someone
such as you
is a blessing
of the highest
and brightest.

I am blessed
by our friendship
I love YOU

Yo Cosmic Sista!!

Thank you for treating me to lunch. Fresh brewed sage Kombucha (oh my gosh! Yum!!!), vegan burger for me (oh my gosh! Yum!!), finished with a slice of vegan, maple walnut “cheesecake” (oh my gosh! Yum!!) Delicious food and delicious company! Love you!! 🙏💞