Happy Birthday to Camilla – February 2018

February 26 2018:

Happy Birthday treat for me! 🎉🎉🎉 Dessert first!! Vegan cinnamon maple cheesecake with a courageous cappuccino. Followed by vegan stuffed mushrooms! Yum! xoxo

Camilla Birthday Lunch Treat 2.26.18 #1 Camilla Birthday Lunch Treat 2.26.18 #2 Camilla Birthday Lunch Treat 2.26.18 #3

Digital gift from Lillian … So cute! xoxo (It’s interactive so if you click on the image you’ll be taken to the interactive card she created using scratch coding.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 8.05.24 PM

Card from Lillian …




As I begin my 48th turn around the bright and beautiful Sun, I am called to reflect. Come, reflect along with me if you care to join.

My 47th turn around the sun proved to be the most enlightening and wild to date. I knew in December 2016 that this was to be, for I had called this into my life. I was tired of having patterns from my past, happenings from when I was a child, teen, and young adult, and the thoughts in my own mind keeping me from sharing my essence with others, spreading unconditional love and compassion to all beings and nature, and what I came here to do. I was exhausted.

I knew it was NOT going to be fun. Yet, knew I needed to walk into the internal Hell that had held me captive for nearly all my life. I wanted this. I desired it. Nothing else was as important as walking into those flames, feeling them deeply, allowing them to burn away the anger, shame, guilt, and unworthiness; and allowing the Divine within to transmute those biting and burning flames into Pure Love.

My very FREEDOM relied on ….. Go here to read the rest …

Reflections – I Am Called to Reflect as I Begin this 48th year

March 1 2018:

Birthday treats for me …. Belgian waffle cookie alongside Coconut Bliss dark chocolate ice cream topped with roasted cashews. I seriously think fireworks were actually exploding in my mouth, heart, and mind! WOW!!

Camilla Birthday Treat Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss 3.1.18

March 5 2018:

Tonight it was Coconut Bliss Salted Caramel & Chocolate topped with cashews alongside a Belgium butter waffle cookie.

Instead of a cake for my birthday last week, I bought three different flavors of vegan Coconut Bliss. I love their ingredient list and that it’s vegan. Not to mention that the flavor and texture is creamy and blissful. They must have known it was my birthday because it was on sale!! Wahoo!!

Salted Caramel Coconut Bliss Ice Cream 3.5.18

March 10 2018:

Thank you Carolyn R Smith for giving me the royal treatment yesterday. From picking me up in your silver chariot, flashing me your beautiful and bright sunshiny smile, requesting I order whatever I want, and making sure they knew it was a birthday dinner for me (belated but still!!)

They were incredibly cute humming happy birthday as I requested they please not sing it. I didn’t know they were being serious! Ha! Check out this scrumptious raw vegan cheesecake. Tasted like a banana split! Wow!! Chocolate, banana, strawberry, coconut cream cheesecake!

And. You. The best part. What a wonderful gift you are. To me. To others. To the community. To the world. I love you!

Carolyn Birthday Treat for Camilla 3.10.18



The Space Within by Camilla Downs

“The Space Within”

The Space Within Poem February 2018

There is a space within
A space occupied, it was.

Occupied with judgment
Occupied with harshness
Occupied with unkind thoughts
towards others.

There is a space within
where the darkness
of judgment used to live.

Judgment lives
here no more.
It has been.

There is a space within.

A soft space of love
of compassion
of empathy
of understanding.

For a journey
of a thousand miles has
been lived with
the understanding
that each one of us
has traveled a similar journey.

To be sure …… Go here to read more …

Poetry and Photography: The Space Within



Where Would You Fly Official Book Launch Day – Lillian and Her Hair

February 27 2018:

Lillian getting her hair trimmed yesterday afternoon by our beautiful and kind friend Kathy Montoya Duncan!!! Thank you incredibly much for trimming our hairs and giving me some bouncy curls!! Love you much!!

Lillian Getting Haircut 2.27.18

She was getting ready for her appearance on KOLO 8 with Sarah Johns later in the day! To learn more about the book, go here … http://www.WhereWouldYouFly.com … 

Where Would You Fly – Official Launch Day

February 27 2018:

Good morning! Just a wee quick broadcast to kick off the “Official Book Launch” for “Where Would You Fly” … There will be a few more throughout the day! Thank you! xoxo

In this live broadcast I share about a fun map we created showing where the book has flown so far and I ask Lillian what is her favorite story in the book. To clarify she loves them all; yet, the story she mentions is her favorite! xoxo

We give update on how it’s going with the book launch and I ask Lillian “What inspires her stories” … Thank you so much everyone! xoxo

Hellooooo again!! Just an update on this book launch day!! I ask Lillian how it feels being a published author and at what age she began writing. We also talk about the current Amazon rating and how reviews come into play. Thanks so much everyone! xoxo

Last one for the Book Launch!! In this video we answer a question from one of you … “What advice would you give to someone who is thinking they might want to write a book but they are afraid they won’t be any good at it or maybe no one would want to read what they wrote?”

Lillian answers first. Then, I chime in … I am deeply, SoulFully passionate about this topic! So happy someone asked this!

Thank you from the depths of my heart for EVERYTHING today!!! May the blessings of your kindness shower upon you as you sleep and throughout your day … Namaste … xoxo

Go here if you’d like to learn more about the book … http://www.WhereWouldYouFly.com …. 





Thomas and Camilla February 2018 Date Day

March 2 2018:

Thomas and Camilla February 2018 Date Day (a wee bit late). My phone got so cold that I lost all photos from our date except one!

The one of Thomas with his ice cream from Icecycle Creamery is the only photo that survived. That was our first stop.

Second stop was one of our favorite spots … Audrey Harris Park for Thomas to eat his ice cream with the amazing view. Then we walked the entire loop in the snow. We had it all to ourself, we were frozen, we had a beautiful time enjoying one another’s company, and I took lots of pictures. No matter. I’ve got one!

Then!!! For dinner. More birthday yummies for me plus a toast to the flights of Where Would You Fly.

I knew I was saving this one wine glass for something!! Wine glasses were made for vegan root beer floats!! Coconut Bliss Vanilla Ice Cream smothered with an amazing root beer. Served with a vegan burger topped with sautéed sweet onions, crimini mushrooms, hot & sweet jalapeños, kalamata olives, with a slather of vegan kale, cashew & basil pesto on two slices of Italian bread. I’m full!!

Thomas and Camilla February 2018 Date Day 3.2.18 #1 Thomas and Camilla February 2018 Date Day 3.2.18 #2 Thomas and Camilla February 2018 Date Day 3.2.18 #3 Thomas and Camilla February 2018 Date Day 3.2.18 #4

Top 100 and Top 50 on Amazon – Where Would You Fly Book

February 27 2018:

The book has reached the 100’s in its category!!! YAY! Started out this morning in the 900’s! Thank you, Thank you!! If there’s anyone who already has the book and is willing to write a review on Amazon that would be GREAT! The reviews help just as well as the purchases!! Oceans of gratitude! xoxo

Top 100 Books Amazon - Where Would You Fly Book 2.27.18

March 2 2018:

Oh WOW!! Came home from date day with Thomas to find “Where Would You Fly” has flown to the top 50 in the United Kingdom in her category of Fairy Tales!! You GO Girl!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you … xoxo

Top 50 in Fairy Tales & Folklore Amazon UK Where Would You Fly Book

If you’d like to learn more about the book go here, http://www.WhereWouldYouFly.com … 

Where Would You Fly – An Interactive Pin Map

March 2 2018:

We got to add a few more pins to the map! A couple of more to Australia and bunches in the United States! Why is this map so fun? Hahaha!! We’re having a ball with it! If you click on the map it will take you to an interactive map where you can zoom in and out and move around the world!

If you purchased a book from Amazon, please let me know so I can add your city, state, country to the map. YAY! The purple pins have cool photos embedded of the book having reached its destination!

If you’d like to learn more about the book, go here … http://www.WhereWouldYouFly.com …