Vegan Eats: Solid Maple Butter With Leftovers

November 3 2019:

That. Was satisfying. Yummy breakfast of a pancake with solid maple butter (solid maple syrup). Alongside skillet fried baby potatoes, yellow squash, sweet onion, scallions, tomatoes, garlic, and arugula, topped with cilantro.

November 10 2019:

Saturday night pizza! A photo of the pizza toppings this time. Missing the garlic as I took this before I diced it. Can’t wait for the leftovers!

Movie Night – Thor – The Dark World

November 9 2019:

Team TLC Movie Night – Thomas’s choice: “Thor – The Dark World”

Thomas says, “It was good.”

I say, “Continuing our goal of watching these in order from the beginning. Another I enjoyed watching with Thomas. I’m loving doing this with him. Next up, Captain America – The Winter Soldier.”

Lillian watched a movie on her own. These aren’t her style.

Words of Alchemy – Back to the Book Designer and Kindle Version is Finished

November 3 2019:

Just sent the manuscript back to the book designer. A few more minor corrections. Fingers crossed that’s it! This is a ton of work ….. And …. So worth it!

November 9 2019:

The Kindle version is finished! The back cover is finished! Whew!! Should be getting the initial print version to review electronically in 3 or 4 days. My shoulders are loosening just writing this post! Hallelujah!! Including a sneak peek at one of the last pages of the book …. Thanks to everyone for the support, love, and encouragement!

Sweaty Hands for Fingerprinting

November 8 2019:

Another marked off the list. Fingerprinting done. She was so anxious and worried, they had a heck of a time getting her prints because her hands were sweating like crazy. They were incredibly kind and understanding.

She must really like volunteering at the library as that’s the only way I could get her here, by reminding her it’s required once one is 18 years old. She’s heading into her third year volunteering. Hopefully, one day soon she’ll go without me as her sidekick. That’s the plan anyway!

**Update – January 20 2020: It turns out they were so sweaty, that the fingerprints weren’t acceptable. However, they did not request she re-do them, due to her situation and that she’s been volunteering at the library since age 16. She completed a few additional pieces of paperwork and we’re done with this one!

Last Event at The Vintage with the Light of Kindness

November 4 2019:

The Vintage held an event for residents Saturday night. Last one for us. Lillian always looks forward to the events. And I enjoy catching up with our neighbors. Thomas enjoys the food!

November 7 2019:

Tea wisdom …. Perfect message for this tea as it was a gift from a sweet friend who lives in The Netherlands.

Peaceful with a Heavy Dose of Wonderful Delight

November 4 2019:

Lovely walk with Lillian this afternoon. Felt incredibly peaceful and delightful after staying in just about all weekend proofing the Kindle version of Words of Alchemy. It will be in its final state by end of this week.

November 6 2019:

Wonderful walk with Thomas yesterday afternoon.

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla May 2015 Date Day


May 23 2015:

Thomas n Camilla May 2015 date day Part 1 …. Lunch …. YUM!! Thomas wanted to leave a 50 billion dollar tip. He kinda liked it!!

Thomas n Camilla May 2015 date day Part 2 –

Thomas n Camilla May 2015 Date Day – Part 3 … Such a great little park along the Truckee River. Got rained on pretty good too .. Wahoo!!!



Survival of the Reno Downtown Library – Lillian Darnell

November 2 2019:

Yesterday we survived visiting the downtown library so that Lillian could sign volunteer paperwork and get the fingerprinting form. That’s the one library we cannot visit due to Lillian’s depth perception, balance issues, and an uncooperative proprioceptive system. It’s a 4 level building with huge open spaces and staircases. Makes her head spin and legs shaky. It’s beautiful and I love this location. Just not a good fit for her!

There was a huge amount of anxiety over having ….

Survival of the Reno Downtown Library