Sunset and Beautiful and Always Heard and Dance Party and Jay and Peace and Clarity

July 22 2018:

Sunset walk tonight. Beautiful sky, good breeze, and an accidental sideways picture of the rocks where I sat for a few minutes.

July 30 2018:

Found while walking Yonce this morning. To be followed by passing a bouncy young girl of about 7 years old walking with her grandma.

As I walked by the young girl, I smiled and said “hello”. To which she quickly said to her grandma, “Grandma, I want that lady to be my mom.” Grandma swiftly replies no and they continue walking.

Sweet girl, I wrap you and your family in oceans of love and pray for grace, courage, and strength for whatever is going on in your lives; whether it be a small or big issue or whether you were even just playing a game. And I pray that your voice is always heard. xoxo …

July 30 2018:

From a walk last week … Created by the sun and a tree! Cool!

Last week was hugely weird so I never got around to posting it.

On another note when it feels like Life just took a big dump on you; it sort of helps to have a dance party with Boogie Shoes by K.C. & The Sunshine Band, Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry, and You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates, among a few others!

I shall let myself mourn over that which only ever existed in my imagination, something I was desperately clinging to, feel this crappy moment or two, and let myself know what I need to know, and then ….. I’ll just keep going.

I do have much to be grateful for; yet I do not want to cram these feelings. I shall focus on gratitude once I’m done letting go of this. And, I shall remember how powerful I am.

Wanna help? Have your own dance party or whatever brings forth good feelings and then send some good feelings and prayers this way. Oceans of gratitude …

July 31 2018:

Found today …. Blue Jay or Stellar Jay. Not sure. Yet, what a beautiful message to receive.

July 31 2018:

Sunset walk with Thomas tonight …. Incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

Oh Great Sun.
Bathe me in
Clarity and Knowing.
Thank you.

August 3 2018:

Sunset walk Lillian last night. We’ll need to start getting out there earlier. The move to shorter days has begun. Beautiful night!!!

Movie Night: Kiki’s Delivery Service

August 4 2018:

Team TLC movie night: Lillian’s choice: “Kiki’s Delivery Service” – It’s been several years. Yet, third time around for this one. We kinda like it. 💞💞💞

Lillian says, “It’s good, it’s musical, my favorite character is Kiki, it’s colorful, there are some funny parts, suspenseful, and inspirational.”

I say, “A wonderfully inspiring movie about knowing ones inspiration and living from the heart. Just love this movie.”

Thomas says, “I liked it. It’s a good movie.” And Thomas’ alternate reality of the movie: Alabama, Lichtenstein, and Ireland have taken over the world in this movie. In the end the Italians take their pizza rolls and the French take their baguettes and take back mainland Europe from Lichtenstein, and The Texans take their bbq chicken and take back North America from The Alabamans.” 😛😜😂

Book Musings: Marvelous Mattie

August 4 2018:

Marvelous Mattie

As a young girl Margaret E. Knight carried with her a notebook labeled My Inventions. She made creations for her mother and brothers and when she was twelve she designed a metal guard to prevent shuttles from shooting off looms and hurting workers.

Later she invented a machine that would cut and glue together a square-bottomed paper bag. Many of the paper bags we use today are still processed using Mattie’s invention.

An inspiring story of a girl and woman who knew in her heart she was an inventor and never backed down from that belief. Even in a time when it was believed women couldn’t understand the complexities of mechanical equipment.

Movie Night: Lt. Robin Crusoe U.S.N.

July 28 2018:

Team TLC Movie Night: “LT. Robin Crusoe U.S.N.” We watched this about 4 or 5 years ago. Thomas wanted to see it again.

Thomas says, “I think it’s good. I liked it.”

Lillian says, “Good, musical, very colorful, and my favorite character is Wednesday.”

I say, “Just a silly movie. I’m glad Thomas got to see it again.”

Book Musings: Rumi – Whirling Dervish

July 28 2018:

Rumi – Whirling Dervish

Another incredible DEMI book! A brief book about the life of Rumi and what led to the Whirling Dervishes. Touches on how he wrote about the love that resides in the soul of everyone regardless of religion or background. Beautiful and inspiring book!

Lillian and Camilla July 2018 Date Day

July 26 2018:

Lillian and Camilla July 2018 Date Day

First stop: Fries for Lillian and a beautiful purple flower shortbread cookie for Lillian and a vegan oatmeal and date cookie for me. That was one darn good cookie!!

Second stop: Lillian absolutely LOVES decorative throw pillows. So we spent about 30 minutes ooh’ing and aah’ing over the shiny, sparkly, and oh so soft pillows.

Third stop: A special feature of one of Lillian’s most favorite movies: “Barbie and the Diamond Castle” in the lodge theater. We’ve been watching this ever since Lillian was about 5 years old so I’m sure we’ve seen it at least 109 times!

We would have loved to have a walk at one of our favorite places; yet, just too hot!! Perhaps later tonight! xoxo

Ended the date with a sunset walk. Just beautiful!


Happy People and S’mores

July 19 2018:

Thomas and Lillian used to frequent Ms. Kat’s place from the time Thomas was about 3 years old. They both love Kat McLain so much and have NEVER stopped wanting to go visit here and there.

It’s been a really long time!! Kat was able to get them in today so they could hang out!! Happy people!!!!!

July 20 2018:

It’s a s’mores kinda night. I feel I have perfected the “s’mores in the oven” technique.

Updated Pin Map – Where Would You Fly

July 17 2018:

Oceans of gratitude to the 14 blessings that were bestowed upon us at the Chromosome 18 conference … By way of getting their hands on a copy of “Where Would You Fly”!

I’ve just updated the map and added more pins to the east coast and Canada! Just showing the rest of the map for those who didn’t get to see it yet! xoxo

Ringoes, NJ; Evans City, PA; Halifax, NS, Canada; Toronto, ON, Canada (2); Jim Thorpe, PA; Newport News, VA; Warrington, PA; Elliot City, MD; Oakville, ON, Canada; Lanham, MD; and Plainfield, IL

Movie Night: Pele

July 21 2018:

Team TLC movie night: My choice – PELE – Birth of a Legend

I say, “WOW!! I’m not even a sports enthusiast and I loved this movie! Oh my gosh! I loved it!! My heart is still pumped.

Any movie that portrays a people being their true selves and by doing so bringing joy, oneness, and inspiration to individuals and a people is more than worth the time to watch and absorb. Inspiring is too light of a descriptive.

Be you. Never be ashamed of being you. Shine your light. And. Watch this movie. Perhaps it’s where I’m at in my own journey that I find this so deeply meaningful.”

Thomas says, “I liked it a lot and incredibly tense.”

Lillian says, “Good, action-packed, like some of the music, suspenseful, and a lot of drama.”