Notice Nature by Camilla Downs

Thomas Walking Bartley Ranch Summer 2016“Notice”

Notice nature.
Feel and smell the air.
Study the clouds and the trees.
Listen to the birds.
How many different kinds of songs can you hear?
What kinds of birds are they?
Injoy a sunset.
Notice and smell freshly bloomed flowers.
Notice and study new buds on a tree.
Notice the smell of newly fallen leaves.
Study the moon, stars, and clouds.
Walk barefoot in the grass, dirt, or sand.
Watch the waves in the ocean,
Or the ripples in a lake,
Or the rushing water of a river.
Notice the glimmer of freshen fallen snow.
Watch the sunlight dance and sparkle on the water.
Study all types of trees.
Get up close. Touch them.
Go for a walk for no reason other than to commune with nature.”

-2016 Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature


Love and Purple Carpet and Shadows and Reflections

April 24 2017:

Solo walk this afternoon … At least two messages of love and one amazing carpet of itty bitty cute purple flowers. xoxo

Solo Walk Vintage Lake Heart 4.24.17 #3 Solo Walk Vintage Lake Heart 4.24.17 #2 Solo Walk Vintage Lake 4.24.17 #1

April 25 2017:

Walk with Lillian this afternoon. Shadows, ducklings, egrets, reflections, wind, and sun. Perfect. xoxo

Walk with Lillian Vintage Lake 4.25.17 #5 Walk with Lillian Vintage Lake 4.25.17 #4 Walk with Lillian Vintage Lake 4.25.17 #3 Walk with Lillian Vintage Lake 4.25.17 #2 Walk with Lillian Vintage Lake 4.25.17 #1

Walks and Gifts and Cookies


May 27 2013:

Just back from a refreshing walk with nature … Look at the beautiful gift I found waiting for me! Had the entire trail and walk to myself …. PERFECT!!

walk-damonte-ranch-trail-5-27-13-2 walk-damonte-ranch-trail-5-27-13-1

May 27 2013:

It’s a homemade almond cookie kinda day! YUM!! I experimented this time and made some substitutions to the recipe I usually use. Turned out GOOD! Sending y’all warm homemade cookie hugs!

almond-cookies-5-27-13-1 almond-cookies-5-27-13-2

May 27 2013:

Team TLC had dinner at The Romano Casa tonight … Yum!!!! That Romano Duo is so good to us!!

Team TLC May 27 2013

Windy and This Time of Year

December 14 2016:

Wonderfully windy walk with Lillian this afternoon. The clouds and wind put on an amazing show. Nature is her own gallery! xoxo

walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-1 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-2 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-3 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-4 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-5 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-6 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-7 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-8 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-9 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-10 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-12-14-16-11


December 15 2016:

Lillian shares why she loves this time of year ….. The wind had quite a bit to say too so some is muffled. Yet, I think you can hear most of it!

Grow Where You Are by Camilla Downs

(San Antonio Riverwalk July 2016)

“Grow where you are,
Lest you spend precious time
Waiting to grow
Until you arrive someplace else.
For when one reaches the
Someplace else, there will
Always be the next someplace else.
Grow as your heart desires
from within,
To allow without to miraculously
Support ones growth.” –Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons from Nature


The Delicate Balance by Camilla Downs


“The delicate balance
Of life and death.
Without life
There is no death
Without death
There is no life
Death is life and
Life is death.” ~Camilla Downs – Author, Lessons of Nature

White Duck and Inspiration and Dancing and Sparkling

November 30 2016:

I got to see a white duck when I was walking Happy this afternoon. So beautiful!

Then we finally had our Team TLC walk right at sunset. It’s been about a week for a family walk as we waited for everyone to get healthy again! It was a blissful walk!! xoxo



December 1 2016:

Such a wonderful walk this morning. Walking inspires me. Nature inspires me. Photography inspires me. Yes. Thank you and bring me more. xoxo

walk-vintage-lake-12-1-16-1 walk-vintage-lake-12-1-16-2 walk-vintage-lake-12-1-16-3


December 2 2016:

Magnificent ….. Sunlight sparkling and dancing on the lake water this morning. Nature blesses me so ….. May you sparkle and dance through your day ….


December 2 2016:

Walking this morning … Dancing, sparkling sunlight, full trees, and bare trees. Incredible testimony to presence. So uplifting! xoxo

walk-vintage-lake-12-2-16-1 walk-vintage-lake-12-2-16-2 walk-vintage-lake-12-2-16-3 walk-vintage-lake-12-2-16-4 walk-vintage-lake-12-2-16-5


December 3 2016:

Galena Creek Park … Yesterday on the Thomas and Camilla November 2016 Date Day. Rushing water = Beautiful!!!

Strong Wind and Mindfulness and Thanksgiving

November 20 2016:

Thomas and I took a walk yesterday afternoon. Incredibly strong wind! It was so great and refreshing and we had a ball playing with the wind. xoxo


November 21 2016:

This mornings Walk With Me message: Mindfulness …. These tiny little rain drops caught my eye. Great message tree and water. Thank you ….

The practice of mindfulness can be trying … releasing thoughts of the past and future and focusing our entire being into whatever it is we are doing in that moment … it can seem like an internal tug of war. Yet, with practice it gets easier.



November 21 2016:

Wonderful walk with Thomas this afternoon!!!! So incredibly beautiful!!!! xoxo

walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-11-21-16-1 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-11-21-16-2 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-11-21-16-3 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-11-21-16-4


November 22, 2016:

Lillian and I took a walk this afternoon. Just gorgeous! We stopped for a few minutes so she could share a bit about the extensive Thanksgiving post she shared a few days ago. xoxo


November 25 2016:

Beautiful, peaceful, and reflective walk yesterday. So wonderful that I got to see a blue billed duck. This is where I sat for a bit watching the ducks. xoxo

walk-and-ducks-vintage-lake-11-24-16-1 walk-and-ducks-vintage-lake-11-24-16-2 walk-and-ducks-vintage-lake-11-24-16-3 walk-and-ducks-vintage-lake-11-24-16-4


Watching and listening to the ducks yesterday. This was going on the entire time I sat there. Nature and animals are wonderful teachers. xoxo