Throwback Post: Book Shelf With Games and Tomatoes


September 26 2013:

This wonderful book found a prominent place on the book shelf.

Layers of clouds … looked like a Cloud Cake! Beautiful sunset from Tuesday night …. Mmmmm …. cloud cake! My kinda cake! xoxo

I’m gonna make home made spaghetti sauce this time! Thank you once again Kymberlee Simantel! YUM! Anyone have a fabulous recipe to share?

No school tomorrow = Team TLC game night!


September 26 2012:

Can’t wait til Saturday y’all!! Who’s coming by Steamboat Springs to check out our diamond in the desert … I’ll be sharing a table with the Anti-Cancer lady … will be autographing books for anyone who hasn’t gotten there’s yet!! Come see us and come get pampered too!!!! Via my sweet friend Myree Townsend: “Happy Wednesday to all!! I have a great opportunity for all of those who have driven by Steamboat Hotsprings and never have stopped by or to those who haven’t visited in awhile. Come join us for our Bi-Annual Open House Saturday Sept 29th from 1-5. Experience FREE chair massages, Sona Therapy Demos, Sound Table Demos,FREE outdoor Tub Soaks, Refreshments, vendor booths, and classes. Come out and experience Steamboat Hotsprings and Healing Center….. “The diamond in the desert” for more info…”


About to have a big ole press release blitz going out y’all and I would so very very very much appreciate any of you who have read “D iz for Different” leaving a review over at Amazon … If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can leave your review here as I’ll have a “Review” page on my website too and I can put your review over there! Thanks tons and tons … Love and Blessings to Y’all!    Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for YOU!


September 26 2011:

4:15 pm this afternoon I introduced Lillian to Evernote. I created her very own Lillian notebook within my account as you have to be 13 to register. By bed time tonight she had created several notes including one note with a photo embedded, one note with audio and one note with a webcam photo! Geez! I haven’t even used any of those features and I’ve been using it longer! Go Lillian Go!!


September 26 2009:

How Do You Spell . . .

I choose 2 have sense of humor bout Lillian’s speech issue. This am she asked me how 2 spell a word. Now that’s Funny when you are being asked 2 spell a word that you can’t even understand when it’s being pronounced. Cool thing about her Dynavox – she can type in a letter or 2 & it’ll give suggestions of what word begins w/ those letters. The word? Illustrations! (She was writing a book this am titled “Magic Facts” & she’s also the illustrator of the book!!) She cracks me up!

January 20 2012: Math and Game Boards and Nature

Fridays are Electronics Day in our house. Thomas and Lillian can use all the electronics they want with no time limits; including DVD’s and the computer.

But, we still had to get some work done first! Lillian had a math lesson focused on units. We’re working in the Math U See program. I love the concept of this.

Thomas was assessed today in kindergarten class to prepare his report card. He did fantastic. He is reading and comprehending at an end of second grade level. His behavior has improved a great deal too. Mrs. O’Connor is so proud of him and so am I!!!!

Sitting at my next desk creating tips for my new email newsletter; turned around and Thomas was dictating a blog post to Lillian for his website. He’s at the beginning stages of learning to spell so he still needs help with that part of it. Told him I would install a program for him where he speaks it and the program will type it for him. He LOVED that!

Thomas and I played a game of Parker Brothers – Sorry (amazon affiliate link) after dinner. Board games are so nostalgic for me. I grew up playing them all the time with my cousins. We had a ball and it was my FIRST time winning against him!

After that Thomas went back to watching one of his favorite shows, Popular Mechanics for Kids: Lightning and Other Forces of Nature (amazon affiliate link). He watches this over and over. There are quite a few in the series. I can’t understand why they stopped making these. The website isn’t even around anymore. He devours them, over and over and over!