Movie Night: Mulan

January 9 2021

Team TLC Movie Night – Lillian’s choice: “Mulan”

Lillian says, “Good, liked the background music, liked the song, “Reflection”, at the end, favorite character is Mulan, and liked the moral of never give up, and everyone has a dream and hope.”

I say, “I absolutely loved this. I was glued to it the entire time.”

Thomas sat this one out.

A Small World of Fun – Take Two

Team TLC movie night for January 28, 2012 – Walt Disney’s It’s a Small World of Fun, Vol. 1 (amazon affiliate link) was our pre-show movie.

★★★★★ – We watched another two shorts from this DVD for our pre-show again this weekend. This time “Goliath II” and “Mickey Down Under”. Goliath was a bit more serious as it was about an elephant the size of a mouse who was not respected by the other elephants including his father. Mickey Down Under was a hit. Lots and lots of laughter!