How to Say Goodbye to Habits and Beliefs


February 13 2016:

Last night we experienced a Team TLC Letting Go Ceremony. I hadn’t planned this. The idea came to me yesterday morning. May you treat yourself to something similar in the coming days. xoxo

I explained to Thomas and Lillian what we’d be doing. Writing down habits, fears, beliefs that hold us back on a strip of paper. Then, reading each one aloud, touching it to the candle flame, saying some type of farewell phrase and dropping it into the coffee can.

After dinner we wrote stories, beliefs, habits, and fears on strips of paper. It was such a wonderful, blissful feeling sitting with both of them doing this. They really, truly understood the process and what types of things to write on the strips. I was so moved. There was a beautiful excitement in the air. A magical anticipation of releasing habits, beliefs and fears that do not serve us and hold us back.

We sat around the can and a candle. Thomas went first, then Lillian and then me (Team TLC order, of course). I was moved to near tears hearing each of them read habits, fears, and beliefs that they bid farewell. They were surprised to hear some of what I had written on my slips. I think it was good for them to hear some of the things I choose to feel guilty about at times and negative beliefs that I’m still dislodging.

So beautiful, amazing, wonderful, blissful. We will make this a regular Team TLC event .. quarterly, twice a year, or at the minimum, once per year.

This was inspired by a combination of my latest blog post and a couple of books I’m reading.

The Tao of Letting Go

How I Let Go by Camilla Downs


February 12 2016:

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

Latest blog post published today … ” ….. Neither one of these “Letting Go” practices are fun. Although the purging can have an “excitement and anticipation for the new” feeling and we can choose to approach this with curiosity. Yet, the benefits are that we are not held …. ”

The Tao of Letting Go

Tree in Virginia City